We are so excited to highlight the exponential power of leveraging a flexible, simple-to-implement connectivity platform with our Kno2 Communication API or our Kno2fy Portal to tap into the benefits of Carequality …as well as the veritable network that unlocks for a care community!

So close, yet so far away… That’s how it can feel sometimes with all the healthcare information repositories out there today. Huge strides have been made and critical points of ePHI have been aggregated, but the barriers to tapping into that rich data continue to leave it looking like a mirage to many healthcare providers.

The democratic infrastructure established by Carequality interoperability network important connection for the Kno2 network, and our ability to provide access to patient information on demand and begin to paint a real picture of a connected healthcare industry. Even with well-defined Carequality tech specs and simple rules to play, what some healthcare providers and organizations can gain by connecting via the Kno2fy Communication Portal, for example, is a full-blown network of providers and patient records, enabled with a simple subscription. Bypassing formal integrations and complex implementation phases means that Carequality is no more than a few days away in terms of access. How incredible is that?!

Paper-Based Providers Can Still Participate in Carequality Community

It’s probably no surprise that we have a special place in our heart for EMS providers. (Remember when we fought for their place as first-class citizens in healthcare connectivity?) One of the reasons we highlight first-responders is their well-established, vital role in emergent care, yet the gap in terms of how they can access and share patient information is disproportionately difficult to the value they add. Visibility to critical information like medications, allergies, orders prevent blind spots during treatment in the field by a medic.  Paper hand offs between EMS and EDs persist (printer drama and all), and the pain felt by providers who continue to rely on these archaic methods for data exchange (we use that term loosely here…) are often faced with a poor ROI for investing in complex EHRs, much less connecting beyond that.

Where initiatives like Carequality (coupled with the toolset that Kno2 offers to all healthcare providers) really shine is increasing the size and value of the provider directory unleashed to equip everyone in the care continuum – whether they’re formally interoperable via a sexy EHR or logging into a portal for secure messaging and data queries – to level up their care and communication. Both are necessary to move the needle on healthcare and respond to the ever-changing landscape of health and wellness.

We’ve Got the Need for Speed

Did you catch the part about no formal integration needed? Yeah, huge. If you’ve got the means to implement a bi-directional, interoperable solution to serve your providers, awesome! We applaud awesome user experience and streamlined workflows. But access to and tolerance for a huge budget, multi-phased project plan, and robust IT Department should not be a deterrent to care providers tapping into care networks like Kno2 and Carequality. The sooner users can understand their tools, login, and start searching for their patient census or communicating with the whole care team, the better our collective outcomes – operational, financial, qualitative, technological – will be.

Kno2 is a smart and effective way to leverage an interoperability framework that allows access to electronically query records and retrieve patient information on demand from providers live on Carequality, including those connected through athenahealth, the CommonWell Health Alliance, eClinicalWorks, eHealth Exchange, Epic and others. Learn how you can become a part of this community!