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Kno2fy Podcast

Join our hosts, Dr. Peter Schoch, MD and Therasa Bell, as they discuss the profound impacts of healthcare communication. Through frank conversation, plain language, and real-world context, they will demystify interoperability. Listen in to learn about the potential of healthcare communication at scale.

Virtual Care Providers: The Value of Connection

In this episode of Kno2fy, Dr. Peter Schoch and Therasa Bell are joined by Travis Rush, CEO of Reperio, to discuss the importance of virtual care and the role of technology in healthcare. They highlight the need for healthcare providers to embrace interoperability and digital communication to improve patient care. Reperio offers a biometric screening kit that can be delivered to patients’ homes, providing data to augment virtual visits. They also utilize AI to assist their healthcare professionals during virtual visits, improving efficiency and accuracy. The conversation emphasizes the convenience and accessibility of virtual care, and its role in the overall health ecosystem.

Sign Here: Provider to Provider Signature Workflows Finally Solved

The Kno2fy podcast discusses the problem of provider-to-provider signing workflows in healthcare. The discussion highlights the relationship between Kno2 and DocuSign. The conversation delves into the partnership between DocuSign and Kno2, focusing on the efficiency and effectiveness of their provider-to-provider signature workflow solution. The discussion emphasizes the value of interoperability, trust, and concludes with a focus on the strategic design pillars important and unique to the solution.

Kno2 Connected: Unlocking the Potential of Digital Health Platforms

In this episode of Kno2fy, Dr. Schoch and Therasa share a usable definition of Digital Health Platforms. Digital Health Platforms are any tool that delivers or engages with patients and providers outside of the electronic health record (EHR). They explore the rise of digital health platforms and the challenges of integrating them with EHRs. The hosts also highlight the impact of virtual care and the role of AI in assisting healthcare providers. They emphasize the value of being Kno2 Connected as a digital health platform. In this conversation, Dr. Schoch and Theresa specifically discuss the value of being connected to the broader healthcare ecosystem and the importance of sharing clinical information with digital health platforms. They focus on the topic of virtual care and highlight examples of virtual care platforms that address specific healthcare needs, such as managing early-stage dementia or eating disorders. They emphasize the need for these platforms to have access to clinical information and the bidirectional sharing of data with the system of record. They also discuss the challenges and opportunities of virtual care adoption, including regulatory requirements, reimbursement models, and the recognition of virtual care as a part of mainstream healthcare.

What Drives Adoption at the Edge? The Why is More Important than the How

In this episode of the Kno2fy podcast, Dr. Peter Schoch and Therasa Bell discuss the importance of healthcare communication and interoperability. They reflect on recent interviews with partners and the transformative impact of being connected. They also explore the challenges of educating healthcare providers about interoperability and the need for technology vendors to create seamless solutions. The conversation touches on topics such as patient consent, sharing patient information, and the impact of interoperability on workflows. The hosts emphasize the importance of education and communication in bridging the gap between providers and technology. The conversation explores the importance of education in promoting interoperability in healthcare. It emphasizes the need for doctors to understand the impact of interoperability so they can become the designers of their own workflow improvements. The conversation also highlights the power of education in driving innovation and putting pressure on technology vendors to deliver good solutions. The burden of change management and work on providers is discussed, with a call to decrease this burden through technology. The conversation touches on the topics of data sharing, awareness of available technology, and the need for education at scale.

Prompting Improved Clinical Outcomes and Profitability for PT: A Conversation with Prompt EMR

Prompt is a full-service EMR practice management and patient engagement platform for physical therapy clinics. They focus on increasing efficiency, wowing patients, improving financial outcomes, and creating a happier staff. The company was founded by Adam Baliatico and Micheal Dwyer, who wanted to provide better technology solutions for physical therapy patients. Prompt’s software is a single platform that can be configured to meet the needs of different clinics. They prioritize customer success and rely on customer feedback to drive innovation. Prompt helps PT practices grow revenue, decrease costs, and improve staff satisfaction. They emphasize the importance of interoperability and bi-directional integrations to provide a seamless experience for users. They also advocate for the value of physical therapy and the need for CMS and Medicare to recognize its cost-saving potential. Prompt offers demos and tips to help PT clinics operate more efficiently.

Carefeed: Unlocking the Potential of Being Kno2 Connected

In this episode of Kno2fy, host Dr. Peter Schoch interviews Terry Wall, the founder and CEO of Carefeed, a healthcare technology company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Carefeed focuses on digitizing and automating processes in the post-acute care space, such as skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities. The goal is to save staff time, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance the resident and family experience. Carefeed integrates with electronic health records (EHRs) and payroll providers to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. The company also emphasizes the importance of interoperability and connectivity in healthcare.

Equiping Healthcare to Treat Eating Disorders at Scale - Meet Equip Health

Join us today as we talk to one of our newest partners innovating in the practice of treating eating disorders of all ages in the US. Equip Health has a unique and innovative model and recognizes the importance of digital communication facilitating the free flow of clinical information at the point of care to drive workflows such as referrals and enhance clinical outcomes with clinical information at the point of care

Adoption at the Edge - It's no Joke

In this episode, Dr. Peter Schoch and Therasa Bell discuss the adoption of interoperability and the barriers that need to be overcome. They explore the importance of interoperability adoption for realizing its promised impact on workflow, efficiency, safety, and provider experience. They also discuss the vision of a successful QHIN and the goal of seamless exchange across all clinical workflows. The conversation touches on the need to shift from process measures to outcome measures when evaluating the impact of interoperability. Dr. Schoch emphasizes the importance of providing every provider with the information they need to deliver the best care experience and outcomes. The episode concludes with a discussion on how Kno2 plans to break down barriers to interoperability.

Are we there yet? It's not the destination it's the journey - Really??

In this episode, Dr. Schoch and Theresa discuss the state of interoperability at the end of 2023 and look ahead to 2024. They reflect on the evolution of interoperability over the past few decades, from HL7 V2 messaging in the 80s to the adoption of IHE profiles and CDA in the 2000s. They also explore the concept of federated interoperability and the movement towards organization-to-organization and organization-to-patient communication. Dr. Schoch shares his personal experience with implementing electronic health records and discusses the ongoing challenge of defining interoperability and meaningful communication. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the confusion surrounding the term ‘interoperability’ and the desire for further progress in the field in 2024.

The Age of the QHIN: A Fireside Chat with Dr. Micky Tripathi

Dr. Schoch and Therasa host Dr. Mickey Tripathi and discuss the history and importance of network interoperability in healthcare. Dr. Tripathi explains that TEFCA (Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement) is a critical milestone in the industry’s journey towards interoperability. He emphasizes the need for network-to-network interoperability and the incremental value that TEFCA offers. The trio then discuss various barriers to adoption, including the need for interoperability to be easier than using fax machines. Dr. Tripathi highlights the role of sister agencies in the federal government in driving adoption and the importance of collaboration between public and private sectors. The conversation concludes with the recognition that interoperability at scale that drives impact in healthcare is a collaborative effort involving various stakeholders.

The Future of Healthcare Communication is Now: We are a QHIN!

What do cell phone networks and QHIN have in common? Join Dr Schoch and Therasa Bell with special guest Jon Elwell CEO of Kno2 as they discuss the recent milestone achievements of HITRUST Certification of the Kno2 Platform and their Designation as 1 of only 7 federally designated Qualified Health Information Networks (QHIN). Here the story of the journey, the commitment to mission and the impact of these achievements on the future of healthcare as they add fuel to the fire to democratize health information exchange.

Ivy Rehab Gets Kno2 Connected and Innovates to Streamline the Referral Process

Listen to discover how being Kno2 Connected gave Ivy Rehab the freedom to unlock a more frictionless referral and intake process benefitting both their own patients and the referring providers. Join our conversation with Marla Ranieri, PT, DPT, OCS, Head of Innovation and Clinical Innovation at Ivy Rehab as we discuss the work of leading change through interoperability and its impact on patients and providers.

Interoperability is Foundational to Solving Healthcare's Biggest Problems Part 5 - The Patient Experience

Sharing information at the point of care creates better outcomes, a safer care environment and a more frictionless and better patient experience of care. Just another example of the foundational nature of interoperability in the solutions to healthcare’s biggest problems. Join us on this episode of Kno2fy for a look into the impact of interoperability on the patient experience.

Interoperability and Healthcare's Biggest Problems Part 4 - The Provider Experience

We will never achieve the goals of healthcare reform, value based care or resolve the problems of provider shortage until we honestly and diligently address the provider experience. In a world where Patient Centered Care, Patient Experience and Patient reported outcomes are common catch phrases to create a much-needed market orientation in healthcare have we forgotten those most instrumental in delivering care and serving consumers? we discuss how interoperability impacts some of healthcare’s biggest problems through the persona of a healthcare provider.

Interoperability is Foundational to Solving Healthcare's Biggest Problems Part 3 - A Look at the Provider

“We have been so busy fighting for the scraps from Longshank’s table that we have forgotten our God given right to so much more.” William Wallace – Braveheart. Today Therasa puts Dr. Schoch on the hotseat to get inside the psyche of a provider around the topic of interoperability. Join them as they continue the Healthcare Story of Therasa’s father and discuss insights into the provider’s perspective on interoperability and the impact on provider experience.

Interoperability and Healthcare's Biggest Problems Part 2 - Making Interoperability Relatable

Dr. Schoch and Therasa leverage a real life personal healthcare situation to identify areas where the free flow of clinical information could improve cost, provider experience, patient safety, experience of care, clinical outcomes and healthcare business fundamentals. This second episode in this important series is real, relatable, touching and deeply pragmatic.

Interoperability and Healthcare's Biggest Problems!!

In this episode Dr. Schoch and Therasa discuss a number of issues critical issues from a review of recent trade shows, through a overview of healthcare’s biggest problems and the role of interoperability in solving them to an introduction of TEFCA/QHIN you will not want to miss this current episode. Listen as your hosts demystify common regulatory and technical language to leave you with a practical framework for understanding the next evolution in networks and introduce the important impact of getting connected in solving healthcare’s biggest problems.

Stop Talking About Interoperability and Just Help Me

Meet your hosts and get to know the perspective, experience, and expertise they bring to the future of health care communications and learn how together at kno2 they are thoughtfully solving healthcare’s biggest problems!

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Introducing Kno2fy, a podcast from Kno2. Just like the wind you cannot see us but you can see our impact everywhere in healthcare as we are leading the future of healthcare communication and thoughtfully solving healthcare’s biggest problems.