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Do More With Less

Doing more with less seems to be the way every provider must operate.

It’s unreasonable to expect providers to navigate the complexities around healthcare communication when they are dealing with:

Staffing Shortages

Provider Burnout

Reduced Reimbursements

On-going Regulatory Requirements

Increased Costs in Care Delivery

It's time to ditch the status-quo

There is significant opportunity in the number of manual, labor intensive processes across disparate systems. The ability to digitally transform your practice needs guidance from experts.

Kno2’s CAREplan can help your organization uplift communications, evolve workflows, eliminate waste and thrive with the future of healthcare communication.

What is a CAREplan?

Kno2’s CAREplan is a series of practical steps in your transformation journey:

Connect > Analyze > Reform > Evolve


Establish connectivity between your core clinical systems and the internet so your systems are easily and securely reachable by outside providers and vice versa – a critical first step to reach any provider electronically.


Kno2 analytics tools are leveraged to establish baseline KPIs for the impacted workflows. This will ensure the right problems are targeted to deliver solutions for the intended outcomes.


Take outdated workflows and replace them with efficient electronic workflows where tangible positive outcomes begin to impact your operational processes.


Move newly created or existing workflows towards automation while equipping and enabling your organization to consider entirely new workflows that were previously unattainable.

With Kno2's CAREplan you can streamline and automate targeted workflows.

Why subscribe to a Kno2 CAREplan?

Maximize the TECHNOLOGY already in place and eliminate unnecessary technology replication

EQUIP your organization with the knowledge to eliminate subpar configuration of EHR systems

Focus on the PEOPLE that the technology serves

Navigate complex healthcare WORKFLOWS and drive solutions that bring results

Leverage Expertise across dozens of EHRs and clinical systems that deliver OUTCOMES

Begin your digital transformation journey today!

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