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Communication API for Healthcare

With a single connection to the Kno2 network, you can rapidly integrate your product with the capabilities required to communicate with anyone participating in the healthcare ecosystem.

Stop building individual connections. You don’t have to.

To facilitate the experience, we work tirelessly every day over the right abstractions for our API to simplify the technical and business complexities of communicating across diverse healthcare networks, with numerous different systems and technologies. With Kno2, you can connect once and avoid building complex and ever expanding interoperability solutions to stitch together disparate systems.

Full-Featured Platform

Rapidly build production-ready healthcare integrations using modern tools and security techniques. Using our developer platform means less maintenance for legacy systems and more focus on customer and product experience.

"Sending the message (release)" 
 outboundMessage.Comments = "Comments";
 outboundMessage.ReasonForDisclosure = "Additional 
 disclosure reason ";
 outboundMessage.Body = "Referral from Caring
       Hands Village\n\n" +
       Referral for: \nPatient ID: 8675309\n" +
       "Patient Name: John Smith\nDOB: 
         01/01/19080\n\n" +

ApiHelper.SendRelease(httpClient: httpClient,
      messageSendUri: apiConfig.MessageSendUri

Securely Exchange

Reliably and securely SEND, RECEIVE, and FIND patient information with anyone in the healthcare ecosystem. Forward, reply, find patients, documents, discrete information, and query across multiple channels and networks.


The Kno2 Communication API allows you to group and track communications by allowing creation of a conversation when your workflow demands it. Conversations are an effective way to bring collaborative intelligence to your user workflows and improve efficiency of round-trip messages. This functionality supports secure, multiparty conversations across channels and networks.


Quickly connect your application once and be able to communicate with the entire ecosystem of Kno2 Connected EHRs in a consistent manner.


Access and search national provider and organization directories and quickly identify their communication endpoints for sharing and accessing patient information on demand.

Partner with us

Don’t take on the heavy lift of trying to connect to each individual network, technology and platform. Connect once to Kno2 and gain access to a powerful network of connected organizations, technologies and interoperability frameworks.