Kno2 Achieves HITRUST

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Kno2fy™ Communication Portal

Kno2fy is healthcare’s most connected, web-based, HIPAA-compliant communication portal that centralizes and manages all major forms of patient information sharing and communications in a single subscription.

Centralize all Communications

An easier way to SEND, RECEIVE, and FIND patient information

Access and share patient information with virtually any provider, patient or organization nationally, regionally or within your local area no matter what EHR, clinical system or method of communication they prefer.

Quickly transition disparate workflows, such as stand-alone fax machines and third-party portals, into centralized and streamlined communications customized to your organization, improving staff efficiency and patient care.

Kno2fy is HiTrust Certified

Handle received records with ease

Quickly view and handle received records from any network, in any format, through one streamlined process. Use Kno2fy’s QC tools for file breaking, page deletion/rotation, document tagging, and export options to get the information where it needs to go.

Simplify record sending

Send patient records from any source, in virtually any format.

Whether existing in your EHR, a separate clinical system, in paper format or perhaps a digital photo, Kno2fy allows you to seamlessly capture, upload and send any information into a single patient message.

We will convert the files to the necessary format required by recipient to make it simple and effortless for your staff.

Access patient records on demand

Requesting patient records is one of the most labor intensive, time ridden workflows in healthcare. Often riddled with fax and paper processes, patient record requests are often not fulfilled for hours, days or weeks, sacrificing patient care and healthcare operations.

With Kno2fy, quickly search for and obtain patient records from surrounding participating hospitals, health systems, clinics and physician offices without having to pick up the phone or fill out or fax a records request.

Close the loop on communications

Nearly all patient information exchange in healthcare involves bi-directional communication between two or more parties. With Kno2fy, these conversations can be tracked and reconciled throughout their lifecycle to streamline management and reconciliation of these critical workflows.  Common examples of these include:

Provider Directories

Locate addresses and endpoints for provider and healthcare organizations across the nation through Kno2fy’s online provider directories.

Auditing & Reporting

Use the Dashboard to verify message status and gain insights on productivity and message volume from our User Activity and On Demand Usage reports.

Wait! There's more...

Customize to fit your organization

Every organization and care setting has unique needs and differing internal workflows and systems. Customize your Kno2fy account to fit your needs, including fax number and Direct address import or new assignment, referral automation, routing rules, file conversion options, print/download security settings and so much more!

Plug 'n play EHR integration

Easily connect and facilitate seamless exchange and communication between your EHR and the rest of the healthcare ecosystem – whether you’re using a Kno2 Connected EHR or leveraging standards-based connectivity like Direct Secure Messaging or FHIR – we’ve got you covered!

Connect your office

Drive efficiency and streamline workflows in your office with any Kno2 Connected solution. 

Through your Kno2fy account, quickly connect internal solutions such as DocuSign, Xerox or Konica Minolta devices and others to your EHR.

Enterprise features

For our large customers, Kno2 offers enterprise features to help you get up and running quickly like single sign on, bulk uploads, Enterprise APIs, private label, volume-based file handling tools and centralized shared service functions such as referral intake.