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Fun with FHIR®

As healthcare communication and data standards modernize, FHIR is emerging as a leading interoperability standard given the light-weight nature of the REST APIs.

Eliminate data set constraints

Established upon the same Reference Implementation Model (RIM) as HL7 V2.x messaging, FHIR resources are designed around tight and specific data sets, like medications. In addition, FHIR, similar to HL7 V2, allows for customized fields that present challenges to scale and enabling entire communities to be able to securely share patient information across multiple systems.

With Kno2’s content agnostic model, FHIR is no longer constrained to specific data sets and is incorporated back into the core exchange tenants of the platform. This allows you to participate in FHIR communications and access FHIR resources at scale while avoiding tight data models that narrowly constrain your workflows.

Key Features

FHIR at Scale

Through Kno2’s gateway to Carequality, participate with leading EHR and HIT vendors through FHIR based communications and avoid point-to-point connections leveraging the security and trust established among the Carequality participants.

Quick Demographic Identification

FHIR’s most frequently consumed endpoints, including the search for patient demographic and associated IDs, visit and order lookups, enabling automated assignment of documentation to the original patient, visit and order, within the EHR.


Query for one or many of the FHIR resources for a patient that comprise the USCDI data set including medications, allergies, problem list, immunizations and more to easily receive, view and consume into your own system of record.

Patient Engagement

As FHIR takes foothold in the market, patient centered web and mobile applications are providing secure and easy ways for patients to request and retrieve their own clinical information on demand from providers across the country.Through the Kno2 API, quickly gain access to federated FHIR endpoints through the Carequality framework.

Centralize all exchange, including FHIR

Communication continues to be handled in multiple ways including faxing, Direct Secure Messaging, HL7 V2 messaging and more. With Kno2, centralize all your communications in a single solution, no matter how they originate, improving efficiency, patient care and reducing costs.

Connectivity with Simplicity

FHIR resources are quickly accessible through Kno2’s Communication API or through our online web portal called Kno2fy™.

Kno2 Communication API

Intuitive REST-based communication API enables you to rapidly connect your technology to the healthcare ecosystem for meaningful communication and exchange across every healthcare setting.

Kno2fy Portal

Powerful software to enable your organization to access and share patient information with virtually any provider, patient or organization nationally, regionally or within your local area no matter what EHR or clinical system or method of communication they prefer.