Kno2 Achieves HITRUST

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The Kno2 network enables the secure, effortless, and maximized exchange of patient information across patients, providers, payers and IT vendors. With a single connection to Kno2, anyone can quickly gain access to a powerful network of connected networks, EHRs, organizations, technologies and interoperability frameworks that gives the freedom to easily communicate with all.


Through Kno2’s simple to use APIs or our online portal called Kno2fy™, you can quickly and affordably gain access to critical patient information and complete patient records on demand from providers live on Carequality.

Direct Secure Messaging

Through Kno2, Direct Secure Messaging is flexible. It’s designed to support any electronic exchange workflow from referrals and transitions of care to a fax replacement to the transport of structured payloads containing important patient information.

HL7 V2.x

Through Kno2, you can connect and gain access to several key HL7® V2.x processes that allow you to automate internal workflows, communicate seamlessly with external organizations and share clinical data and documentation with any system.


With our content agnostic model, Kno2 allows you to participate in HL7® FHIR® communications and access FHIR resources at scale, while avoiding tight data models that narrowly constrain your workflows.

Health Information Exchanges

By connecting once through Kno2, providers and technology vendors, gain access to a broad and growing set of HIEs. With Kno2, the submission, retrival and receipt of important clinical information with any HIE is made simple and affordable to all.

Referral Networks & 360X

Working alongside industry leaders, Kno2 has implemented and made available complete support for the 360X protocol in a simple and easy way that is unified with other referral workflows.

Electronic Signing

As the most connected network in healthcare, Kno2 can deliver documents for signature to any Kno2 Connected™ platform or EHR by simply using Kno2’s SEND and RECEIVE options. Finally, broken signing workflows are a thing of the past.

Cloud Faxing

Through Kno2, cloud faxing is enhanced and elevated, allowing you to easily incorporate faxback into your interoperability workflows, EHRs, and other clinical systems to streamline and centralize all your healthcare communications.

Electronic Health Records

With Kno2, you can easily connect and facilitate seamless exchange and communication between your EHR, internal office applications and the external provider community.