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We are empowering healthcare to finally realize the true potential of interoperability by unleashing connectivity everywhere through a simple to use API and robust tools for any business.

What we’re all about

We are empowering healthcare to finally realize the true potential of interoperability by unleashing connectivity everywhere through a simple to use API and robust tools for any business.
With industry disrupting economics and our passion to include the underserved, Kno2 is democratizing healthcare communications and defining the new connected future of healthcare.

With a single connection to Kno2, anyone can quickly gain access to a powerful network of connected networks, EHRs, organizations, technologies and interoperability frameworks that gives the freedom to easily communicate with all.


Purpose driven

Kno2 is intent on democratizing healthcare communication for everyone through our easy to use technology, disruptive economics and aggressive efforts to reach the underserved. From our founding, Kno2 is driven to solve the most difficult challenges in healthcare interoperability and make communication available to everyone.


Service oriented

Much more than a technology provider, Kno2 strives for best in class service to our partners and end users through our education, onboarding and ongoing support as all of us tackle barriers to interoperability together. Kno2 sits alongside our customers to ensure they are maximizing their investment in Kno2 and realizing the benefits of being able to communicate across healthcare.



Imagine making one simple connection to our network and being able to communicate across healthcare effortlessly. Kno2’s ingenuity has made this possible by tackling the heavy lift of connecting to multiple networks, EHRs, technologies and interoperability frameworks and then normalizing and streamlining communication into a single connection point for our partners and end users.  Our innovation continues as we seek to maximize the communication and workflows through the platform, ensuring the greatest adoption of interoperability, ultimately improving the patient and provider experience.


Disrupting the status quo

Interoperability is long overdue for disruption and Kno2 is doing just that. The historical barriers to interoperability include complicated technology, narrow use cases, expensive endeavors and lack of resource to implement. Through our unique approach including our simple to use technology, flexible data models, affordable (disruptive) economics and our focus to the entire ecosystem of partners and end users, the market is being disrupted and healthcare will finally realize the true potential of communication everywhere.


Industry Leaders

To affect change one must be leading change. Kno2 dedicates tremendous time and resource to participation and leadership for national and regional industry initiatives that are defining the path forward for interoperability. When we identify an area or user base that are not represented, Kno2 pushes forward and establishes initiatives and focus groups to ensure their voice is represented.

Awards & Recognition

Kno2 Microsoft Health Innovation Awards Winner
Kno2 2023 Certification Badge

Backed by Leading Healthcare Investors

HEP Logo

“HEP believes that Kno2’s technology will break through the historical barriers preventing clinical information exchange on a broad basis. With the market insight afforded to us by our industry limited partners, including many of the nation’s leading health systems and payers, we are excited to help drive Kno2’s expansion strategy, as healthcare organizations finally start transitioning away from fax as the primary form of communication.”

Ezra Mehlman
Managing Partner of HEP
Providence Ventures

“Providence Ventures is passionate about funding innovative companies that are demonstrating a positive impact on healthcare. We welcome Kno2 as our newest portfolio company and are excited to support and help accelerate their vision to modernize communication between disparate stakeholders across healthcare.”

Jeff Stolte
Senior Partner of Providence Ventures

Meaningful Memberships

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Commonwell Health Alliance
HL7 International
PACIO Project
Civitas Networks for Health
Sequoia Project
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