Kno2’s Pursuit for QHIN Designation

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Employee Spotlight: Madeline Crawford

Our May Employee Spotlight is Madeline Crawford, Kno2’s Sr. Manager of Revenue Operations and Marketing

Efficient EMS-To-Hospital Communication is Vital to Patient Outcomes

Have you tried to wirelessly connect to a printer lately? Under the best circumstances, it

Capitalizing On Patient Willingness with Streamlined Physical Therapy Referral Management

After an illness or injury, Physical Therapy (PT) can be absolutely clutch for getting patients

How The Lone Wolf Mentality Is Impeding Real Advances in Healthcare Communication

Historical attempts at healthcare interoperability have failed. Calling up a referral partner to discuss how

Unleashing Patient History Lookup for EMS Providers

It’s a bit mind blowing to consider that patient history lookup for EMS is not

Employee Spotlight: Logan Dolezal

Our April Employee Spotlight is Logan Dolezal, Kno2’s Senior Financial Analyst who heads Kno2’s Analytical

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