Kno2 Achieves HITRUST

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Become a Kno2 Partner

Gain access to a powerful healthcare communication network, exclusive resources, programs and tools that will drive interoperability and foster business growth. 

Kno2 Partner Program

Stop building individual connections.

You don’t have to.

With the Kno2 Communication API, technology vendors can immediately participate with the largest health information networks and standards used for patient information exchange.

We do things differently to accommodate…

Your Roadmap

Your priorities are important to us. Kno2’s innovative approach to connectivity is designed to be as efficient as possible to relieve you from the stress of your roadmap.
With Kno2, you no longer have to be concerned with the heavy lift of connecting to each network and can stay focused to your core business and application, driving the best user experience possible within their technology. Leverage Kno2’s Communication API or Kno2fy portal and the associated provider tools to get to market faster and bring complete communication to your end user.

Your Solution

Kno2 enables a simple yet meaningful way to connect your technology and end users to the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Since the need to exchange and access patient information from different platforms and applications is rapidly evolving in healthcare, technology vendors integrated with the Kno2 Communication API are wide and varied, from EHR vendors to digital health platforms to remote patient monitoring and even common office equipment manufacturers.

Your Budget

Regardless of size or budget, Kno2 has made connectivity and interoperability affordable for all.

With our intuitive REST-based Communication API, Kno2 enables you to rapidly connect your technology to the healthcare ecosystem for meaningful communication and exchange across every healthcare setting – saving valuable time and resources. For the price you would pay to connect to a single network, you gain access to a powerful network of connected organizations, technologies and interoperability frameworks.

Your Growth

With connectivity to the Kno2 network, partners can create new lines of business and technology that expand market potential.

Without any additional engineering effort, you can enhance value to your end users and drive revenue to your bottom line. By leveraging our Connector Partners you can give your customers the efficiencies they need by driving connectivity and automation in line with their core clinical processes and systems so they can improve outcomes and quality of care.

Your Connections

Kno2’s network is connected to, and will continue to connect to, every meaningful network committed to the exchange of patient information, bringing the future forward.

With just one simple, yet comprehensive, connection to the Kno2 Communication API, you will enjoy the freedom to communicate with all. In addition, our partner ecosystem continues to organically expand our network through the users and transactions our integrated partners bring.

Your Future

Kno2 employs active leaders in industry workgroups and committees helping to shape the future of interoperability so you can remain focused to your core business.

Your voice and interests will be well represented as new networks, use cases and workflows become available. Wherever possible, we will drive new connections back to our core principals of SEND, RECEIVE and FIND to minimize your effort to stay current.

Take full advantage of the Kno2 network

When you become a Kno2 partner, you and your customers gain access to a powerful network of connected networks, EHRs, organizations, technologies and interoperability frameworks that provide the freedom to communicate with the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Partners already seeing the value of what it means to be Kno2 Connected

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Civitas Networks for Health