Kno2 Achieves HITRUST Certification

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HL7® V2.X Workflows

HL7 V2.x messaging is a staple of communication between clinical, ancillary systems and external providers, especially in large organizations like health systems. Through Kno2, you can connect and gain access to several key HL7 V2.x processes that allow you to automate internal workflows, communicate seamlessly with external organizations and share clinical data and documentation with any system or provider. We allow you to avoid point-to-point connections.

Key Processes

Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) Event Notifications

Providers receive centralized event notifications from multiple sources, including HL7 2.x ADT events, when patients have been admitted or discharged from emergency or inpatient facilities.

HIE HL7 V2.x Submission

Gain secured access to HIEs nationwide and seamlessly submit HL7 ADT messages upon the admission/registration and discharge of a patient from inpatient, emergency, or outpatient organizations. 

Initiate Key Workflows Such as eSigning

Many key workflows are instantiated by a specific HL7 ADT event like an admit or discharge. We streamline workflows upon receipt of messages to simplify processes like eSigning.

Share Clinical Documentation

Kno2 makes it possible to share clinical documents, structured and unstructured, between providers and their varied clinical systems and EHRs with a simple Kno2 message.

Transition Inbound Fax to Intelligent Document Filing

Quickly capture and route inbound messages, including fax messages, to patient records without cumbersome manual intervention.

Direct-Enable an HL7 Endpoint

We make it easy to manage Direct-enabled key HL7 workflows, such as ADT and MDM/ORU endpoints, allowing communication at scale and avoiding point-to-point interfaces.

Connectivity with Simplicity

HL7 V2.x messaging at scale is quickly accessible through Kno2’s robust Communication API, enabling you to rapidly connect your technology to the healthcare ecosystem for meaningful communication and exchange across every healthcare setting.

Learn more about the Kno2 Communication API.