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Rapidly connect your technology to the healthcare ecosystem

The Kno2 Communication API enables a simple, affordable yet meaningful way to connect your technology and end users to the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Stop building individual connections.

You don’t have to!

Address all your communication needs and drive value in your healthcare solution

Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs)

Equip your EHR with the tools your users need to communicate with the healthcare community at large.

The Kno2 Communication API supports a vast set of workflows. Your users will be ready for Closed-Loop 360X Referral Management, Direct Secure Messaging, care plan automation, eSignatures, HIE submission, query-based document exchange, integrated faxing, and MUCH more. With Kno2, you connect once and benefit from the existing, and continual aggregation of connectivity going forward! Simply connect, and your EHR is ready to facilitate seamless exchange with anyone in the external provider community.

Digital Health Platform

Efficiency is everything when it comes to the workflows within your Digital Health Platform.  

How your product consumes, presents, and delivers data to create actionable outcomes is paramount to adoption. Being able to architect the workflow experience as natively as possible with the broader healthcare ecosystem requires secure, and effortless communication. Being Kno2 Connected allows your platform to deliver data from your platform(s) into patient health records in virtually any EHR. Query and retrieve patient records on demand from surrounding hospitals, health systems, clinics and physician offices to streamline your internal processes, maximize efficiency, enrich clinical insight, and drive positive patient outcomes.

Patient Engagement Application

Engaged patients that become active participants in their health journey drive better care outcomes.​

It is more than just being a pretty patient portal. Unlock the power of your patient engagement platform, maximize both the structuring and harmonization of data to serve those at the heart of healthcare, the patients. Patients don’t want to be a number, they want to know they are known, and not some mysterious case without answers or any longitudinal view that comprises their health journey. Amongst many advantages, a Kno2 Connected patient engagement application can easily query and retrieve clinical content from their sources of origin, but also equip the patient to route this documentation as needed to anyone else in their care team.

Remote Patient Monitoring​

Take your Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform to the next level! Maximize chronic disease management and the user experience. 

Why limit data insights to only patient-generated health data from wearables or connected device data feeds. Married with clinical data captured in the EHR, you can derive even greater actionable insights by being Kno2 Connected, through the seamless query and retrieval of clinical documentation from recent and historical episodes of care. Allowing for better care and lower cost disease management that improves the quality care patients receive.

Social Determinants of Health

Ensuring that patient-centered care is entirely person-centered. SDOH companies and the critical community resources that work with them will benefit immediately by being Kno2 Connected. 

Streamline communication, increase visibility and better feedback on outcomes. When the patient is surrounded by resources they can easily communicate with - be it Health or Community Service Providers - you can coordinate the services needed for a patient in an interoperable way that speeds up the time to resource fulfillment, change lives and improve outcomes. 

Value Based Care/Pop Health​

Initiatives surrounding Value Based Care and Population Health continue to create an inconvenient truth for healthcare organizations.

Many are left to pick and choose which lives/members are flowing through their model/platforms and narrowing it to ONLY certain patient populations because of a fixed per patient per month pricing model. Becoming Kno2 Connected allows your organization to quickly scale acquisition and data processing models. You can standardize the query and retrieval of documentation across a myriad of data domains for targeted patient populations against participants' targeted systems of records throughout your participant network.

Office Technology

While healthcare continues to revolutionize, traditional document workflows and office solutions persist.
Enhance the value of your product and transform your applications and technologies into clinically relevant interoperable solutions. With Kno2 your technology can communicate directly with EHRs. Historical manual workflows are disrupted and replaced with secure, electronic, integrated workflows without requiring a technology change.

Chart Retrieval

Kno2 Connected chart retrieval organizations reduce reliance on antiquated release of information workflows such as faxing medical records.
Placing burden on administrative staff on both sides of that exchange, often riddled with busy/retry/fail outcomes, request again outcomes. Kno2 serves as a catalyst in these workflows, accelerating ROI fulfillment for a myriad of use cases, while maintaining HIPAA compliance your Kno2 Connected product will be the benefactor of modern day med records retrieval, and your clients the beneficiaries for a tremendous efficiency gain!

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