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Nationwide HIE Access

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) provide valuable infrastructure for sharing health data for patient care, population health, and social determinants of health. Commonly, each HIE maintains their own infrastructure and has differing technology and policy requirements for participation that creates a real challenge for technology vendors and healthcare providers who need to participate in one or more HIEs.

We completely remove this complexity. Through a partnership with Kno2, the submission, retrieval and receipt of important clinical information with an HIE is made simple and affordable to all – finally closing the information and care gaps in geographies across the country.

A growing network of 
Kno2 Connected™ HIEs

By connecting once through Kno2, providers and technology vendors gain access to a broad and growing set of HIEs around the nation. Kno2 is connected to 20+ HIEs, including:

Key Features

Connect Once, Access All

Connect once to Kno2 and you can submit, retrieve and receive event notifications from any Kno2 Connected HIE. There’s no need to build and maintain unique connections to each HIE.

Easy Submission

Kno2 enables easy submission of patient demographic data, admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) event data, and patient data/documents to any Kno2 Connected HIE.

On Demand Retrieval

Kno2 enables easy retrieval of patient records on demand, such as C-CDAs, available within each Kno2 Connected HIE.

Event Notification

Get critical patient event notifications and clinical data, such as a notice of admission for subscribed patients from Kno2 Connected HIEs.

Connection Commitment

Kno2 is committed to connecting to HIEs across the nation for submission, retrieval and event notifications on behalf of our partners and end users.

Connectivity with Simplicity

Nationwide HIE connectivity is quickly accessible through Kno2’s robust Communication API or regionally through our online web portal called Kno2fy™.

Kno2 Communication API

Intuitive REST-based communication API enables you to rapidly connect your technology to the healthcare ecosystem for meaningful communication and exchange across every healthcare setting.

Kno2fy Portal

Powerful software to enable your organization to access and share patient information with virtually any provider, patient or organization nationally, regionally or within your local area no matter what EHR or clinical system or method of communication they prefer.