Kno2 Achieves HITRUST

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Kno2 to apply for QHIN Designation under TEFCA. Where we are in the process:

Kno2 Designated QHIN


Kno2’s mission is to democratize healthcare communication, allowing for frictionless flow of relevant information across the healthcare ecosystem.

Long an innovative thought leader dedicated to advancing meaningful healthcare connectivity, we have taken an approach consistent with our purpose to democratize healthcare information exchange by offering QHIN as a service integrated to our API. Additionally, through our longstanding relationship with ONC, we have played an instrumental role in the development of TEFCA/QHIN, sitting on the Common Agreement Workgroup to define the technical requirements. We’ve been constantly working with the ONC on payment/operations, individual access, QHIN technical framework updates, and Common Agreement updates. In addition, we have been an advocate for our unique partner base that aren’t represented in these discussions. 

Simple, yet Comprehensive: We offer one API to send, receive, and find across the entire ecosystem of networks, platforms, and EHRs. 

Affordable: We believe nationwide interoperability is essential to fixing healthcare’s biggest problems, and our pricing structure reflects our commitment.

Stateless, Realtime Data Exchange: Single Communication API for connectivity everywhere, avoiding the limitations and competition of our own patient data repository. 

Private Label: We position connectivity as a business/revenue enhancement for our partners.

QHIN-as-a-service: QHIN as an additional connectivity option in our Communication API is the best strategy to address partners’ needs. 

Provider Communication Directory: Consolidation of national and local provider communication preferences into a single directory API.

  • Future proofed for interoperability.
  • Single Communication API connects you to all of healthcare including all national and regional networks, commonly used platforms, and EHR APIs.
  • Minimal lift to join.
  • No additional workflows required.
  • Enhanced directory and patient matching.
  • Lower total cost of operation.

We are working with current and future partners for our designated QHIN-as-another-service offering soon to be available. We’ve merged our strategic goals with ONC’s timeline for designation (see below), and we are ahead schedule.


Timeline Overview

Kno2 thoughtfully crafted a designation timeline that synced our strategic and product goals, as well as customer needs, while conforming with the timeline provided by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) in 02/2022. We are excited to announce, as of 02/08/2024, Kno2 has been designated as a Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) by Recognized Coordinating Entity®.

We have successfully completed all requirements for Designation and were provided access to the production directory. Our next exciting milestone will be Production QHIN Exchange!

Our unique approach will give QHIN services to all who have integrated to our APIs with no additional technical lift or complexity for them. Contact us today to learn more! 

Trusted by Others

“Rarely do you find a partner who checks every box you’re looking for. Kno2 is that partner to WellSky. They are innovative, responsive and frankly, thought leaders we highly respect. WellSky, and our clients are better because of Kno2’s commitment to excellence in the field of interoperability.”

Amy Shellhart
Chief Solutions Officers at WellSky

Kno2 Network

From its inception, Kno2 has connected every meaningful network and endpoint involved in the exchange of patient information, and in turn has become the most expansive and comprehensive communication network available in healthcare today, unifying and centralizing complete clinical exchange workflows in a single solution. Our QHIN connection will be developed within our existing Communication API, simplifying the effort required by new and existing technology vendors and providers to participate in TEFCA.

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Why Choose Kno2 as your QHIN?

If you’re overwhelmed or confused by TEFCA’s acronyms, standards, regulations, timelines, etc., we hear you. Kno2 has a plan! We’re working diligently to make sure you gain all the benefits of TEFCA with little-to-no effort.

Minimal IT Effort

All too often in healthcare, individual connections pop up in a´ la carte fashion when a new way of sharing patient information arises. This should not be the case. Our QHIN connection will be developed within our existing Communication API, simplifying the effort required by new and existing technology vendors and providers to participate in TEFCA.

Maximized Exchange

Kno2 has an entire foundation established for optimized sending, receiving and finding patient information already within the platform. For us, QHIN designation goes well beyond doing the fundamental work required by TEFCA. This effort will be about maximizing the value of the workflows each participant receives from QHIN-to-QHIN exchange. We will not lose our focus to innovation as we ensure adoption and the best experience not only to our partners and customers, but other QHINs we connect to, their customers and all of healthcare.

Streamlined Workflows

Kno2’s comprehensive, yet flexible, network addresses every exchange workflow, giving developers and providers the freedom to streamline communications broadly and connect everywhere. Quickly transition disparate workflows into centralized and streamlined communications customized to your organization, improving staff efficiency and patient care.


Imagine making one simple connection to our network and being able to communicate across healthcare effortlessly. Kno2’s ingenuity has made this possible by tackling the heavy lift of connecting to multiple networks and end points involved in the exchange of patient information. Our innovation continues with our pursuit to QHIN designation as we seek to maximize the communication and workflows through the platform, ensuring the greatest adoption of interoperability, ultimately improving the patient and provider experience.

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