Kno2 Achieves HITRUST Certification

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Solutions Across Care Settings

An easier way for ANYONE to access and share patient information

Kno2 for Providers

Effective and efficient communication of patient information

Effective and efficient communication of patient information between providers, patients, health plans and others has never been more important. It has also never been more challenging. From paper, fax, third party portals to fully electronic interfaces, healthcare organizations spend extraordinary resources managing all the different ways patient information is shared and communicated, all this while working with less resource and larger patient volumes.

All of that stops right here!

We take on complicated so you can focus on care

From the largest health system to a single provider office to a social services organization, Kno2 delivers powerful communication solutions to all care settings – at any level of technology adoption – making it easy to connect and communicate across healthcare.

You shouldn’t have to worry about all the ways information can be shared electronically. We take on that heavy lift so you have the right information at the right time in the right format to enable more informed and personalized care.

Eliminate manual and disjointed clinical workflows that cost you and your staff time and money

Kno2’s comprehensive, yet flexible, network addresses every exchange workflow, giving providers the freedom to streamline communications broadly and connect everywhere.

Quickly transition disparate workflows, such as stand-alone fax machines and third-party portals, into centralized and streamlined communications customized to your organization, improving staff efficiency and patient care.

Connectivity Everywhere

Gain access to national networks and interoperability frameworks

Enabling All Workflows

Centralize and streamline your most common and challenging exchange workflows

Connectivity with Simplicity

Kno2 makes it easy to connect and communicate across healthcare using our Kno2fy™ Communication Portal and/or through Kno2 Connected technology.

Kno2fy Portal

Intuitive software to enable your organization to access and share patient information with virtually any provider, patient or organization nationally, regionally or within your local area no matter what EHR or clinical system or method of communication they prefer.

Kno2 Connected Technology

Since the need to exchange and access patient information from different platforms and applications is rapidly evolving in healthcare, technology vendors integrated to the Kno2 Communication API are wide and varied, from EHR vendors to digital health platforms to remote patient monitoring and even common office equipment manufacturers.

The power is in your hands

Kno2 drives connectivity and interoperability to commonly used software and hardware platforms, putting the power in your hands to connect all the systems and tools you use to manage and coordinate care.

Plug n play EHR Integration

Easily connect and facilitate seamless exchange and communication between your EHR and the rest of the healthcare ecosystem – whether you’re using a Kno2 Connected EHR or leveraging standards-based connectivity like Direct Secure Messaging or FHIR – we’ve got you covered!

Health Information Exchanges

Take advantage of simple and automated submission of ADT notifications and relevant clinical information to your regional/local HIE. Connectivity is established, verified and enabled by Kno2.

Connect your Office

Drive efficiency and streamline workflows in your office with any Kno2 Connected solution. 

Through your Kno2fy account, quickly connect internal solutions such as DocuSign, Xerox or Konica Minolta devices and others to your EHR.