Kno2 Achieves HITRUST Certification

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Kno2 is your easy connection to Carequality

Kno2 provides built-in support for the Carequality interoperability framework, which makes participating in the nation’s leading information networks easy.

With Kno2 you can quickly and affordably gain access to critical patient information and complete patient records on demand from providers live on Carequality, including those connected through athenahealth, CommonWell Health Alliance, eClinicalWorks, eHealth Exchange, Epic and others.

Key Features

Directed or Broadcast Queries

Kno2 enables directed or broadcast queries to search by a specific endpoint or a broader search (zip code, city, state or other geographic region) to find all the records associated with a patient.

Full HIPAA Purpose-of-Use Support

Kno2 supports the implementation of all HIPAA purposes of use, including Treatment, Payment and Operations (TPO), enabling both query and response by our partners and end users.

Exception Support – EMS and Paper-based Providers

Easy-to-implement query tools for organizational exceptions recognized by Carequality, including Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and providers that do not have EHRs, including Specialty Pharma organizations/teams.

Content Agnostic

Kno2 supports all content for query and response through Carequality, including structured C-CDAs and unstructured patient files maintained in PDFs or other image formats

Connectivity with Simplicity

Participation in Carequality is accessible through Kno2’s robust Communication API or through our online web portal called Kno2fy™.

Kno2 Communication API

Avoid the integration of difficult and expensive SOAP based implementations to directly access Carequality members and their patient records. Through Kno2’s Communication API you can begin to query and respond in days, instead of months.

Kno2fy Portal

If you’re a provider that doesn’t store electronic patient information, no worries. Use the Kno2fy portal to search for and obtain patient records from surrounding participating hospitals, health systems, clinics and physician offices without having to pick up the phone or fill out or fax a records request.
Unlocking nationwide care coordination
With over 600K providers, 50K clinics and 4200+ hospitals participating in the Carequality interoperability framework, more than 300M documents are exchanged each month.