BOISE, Idaho – Kno2®, the company leading the connected future of healthcare communication, today announced that Steve Williams, Kno2’s vice president of product, has been appointed to the Carequality Advisory Council. Carequality is a national-level, consensus-built, common interoperability framework to enable exchange between and among health data sharing networks.

The purpose of the Advisory Council is to inform the work of Carequality through its representation of broad constituent groups and a diverse array of perspectives. The Advisory Council is responsible for representing a broad spectrum of healthcare stakeholders to inform the Steering Committee’s decisions about the Carequality interoperability framework.

Specifically, the Council’s responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and revising draft deliverables and proposed final deliverables that will be presented to the Steering Committee for approval.
  • Providing input on the work products at specific milestones in the development process.
  • Making recommendations to the Steering Committee regarding approval of implementation guides and other work products.
  • Providing input to the Steering Committee on prioritizing proposed use cases.

Mr. Williams brings ten years of experience in the design and implementation of products that need to share and exchange patient information across the healthcare ecosystem. As the VP of Product, he guides the design of Kno2 products and helps Kno2 partners through the implementation of the Kno2 API for connectivity, including query-based exchange. The results have enabled EHRs, health IT platforms, office technology platforms and others to participate in national networks and frameworks, including Carequality, for the secure and effortless exchange of patient information.

“I share Kno2’s passion to remove barriers to interoperability by making connectivity available to anyone who needs to share health information, and I would like to continue the company’s legacy of championing our customers’ use cases, especially in care settings that have often been overlooked, said Steve Williams, VP of product at Kno2.  “I am responsible for translating requirements into product features that are consumed by our partners and their customers.” Williams continues, “I am in conversation with them regarding connectivity needs and the capabilities that can impact their products for the care settings they serve. Because of this exposure, I can bring a practical perspective that I believe will be valuable to this Advisory Council and aligns well with Carequality’s mission to provide seamless, widespread interoperability. I am looking forward to serving the healthcare community at large.”

About Carequality

Carequality is a national-level, consensus-built, common interoperability framework to enable exchange between and among health data sharing networks. Carequality brings together a diverse group of representatives, including electronic health record (EHR) vendors, record locator service (RLS) providers, and other types of networks from the private sector and government, to determine technical and policy agreements to enable patient data to flow between and among networks, platforms, and geographies, much like the telecommunications industry did for linking cell phone networks. For more information, visit and follow us at