BOISE, Idaho – September 14, 2021 – Kno2®, the company that enables interoperability at scale, today announced that Matt Becker, the company’s vice president of interoperability, has been elected to the Carequality Steering Committee to serve a two-year term. Carequality is a national-level, consensus-built, common interoperability framework to enable exchange between and among health data sharing networks.

The Steering Committee is responsible for Carequality’s strategic direction, and for the development and oversight of the Carequality Interoperability Framework. The Carequality Interoperability Framework was published in December 2015 and has since been adopted by dozens of leading healthcare information networks. These implementing networks share more than 150 million clinical documents each month, among more than 4,200 hospitals and 50,000 clinics. With input from the Carequality Advisory Council and other stakeholders, the Committee manages the work of Carequality, including adoption of new use cases and settling key decisions regarding the consensus-built Framework.

In this role, Matt will represent Kno2 by advocating for underserved markets such as post-acute and community services, and also lead innovation with emerging markets such as remote patient monitoring, patient engagement platforms and other digital health vendors needing connectivity to the rest of the healthcare ecosystem. He brings extensive experience through his previous position at Epic, where he was responsible for the strategy, direction and support of Epic’s implementation of the Carequality Interoperability Framework and represented that company in various volunteer capacities at Carequality.

“Interoperability must be available to all and should solve what care providers across the continuum are demanding, resulting in an improvement in care delivery not just a replacement for what exists today,” said Mr. Becker. “It’s important that the Steering Committee represents what providers and patients need while understanding how healthcare IT vendors implement to move beyond any remaining barriers to delivering on the true promise of interoperability. It’s my privilege and responsibility to help that cause.”

Matt Becker joined Kno2 this past year as the vice president of interoperability. His focus is on improving connectivity across the entire continuum of care. He helps providers benefit from greater interoperability through Kno2’s connectivity platform, and makes his expertise available to assist clients, such as EHR vendors, who are in the process of using Kno2 to develop their interoperability vision and connectivity roadmap. In addition, he supports the ongoing evolution of Kno2’s innovative technology to address the ever-changing needs and requirements of providers, further empowering organizations to provide the highest quality of care.

“I look forward to Matt’s contributions to the Carequality Steering Committee,” said Alan Swenson, executive director of Carequality. “The Carequality community is reaching a critical phase in its evolution as new connectivity use cases will go live in the coming year, including FHIR®, diagnostic imaging, and push notifications.”

Matt Becker actively volunteers with DirectTrust™, CommonWell Health Alliance®, HIMSS, National Association for the Support of Long Term Care (NASL), PAICO Project, The Sequoia Project, and 360X Referral Management Protocol among other industry interoperability initiatives.


About Carequality

Carequality is a national-level, consensus-built, common interoperability framework to enable exchange between and among health data sharing networks. Carequality brings together a diverse group of representatives, including electronic health record (EHR) vendors, record locator service (RLS) providers, and other types of networks from the private sector and government, to determine technical and policy agreements to enable patient data to flow between and among networks, platforms, and geographies, much like the telecommunications industry did for linking cell phone networks. For more information, visit and follow us at