Kno2®, the company leading the future of healthcare communication, publicly announces the intention to apply to become a Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) under the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA), demonstrating its continued commitment to enable health information exchange for all.

From its inception, Kno2 has connected every meaningful network and endpoint involved in the exchange of patient information and, in turn, makes this broad connectivity available through a single Communication API to partners and providers. This commitment and hard work resulted in Kno2 becoming the most expansive and comprehensive communication network available in healthcare today, unifying and centralizing complete clinical exchange workflows into a single solution.

“Healthcare interoperability continues to be a complex and challenging landscape for technology vendors, providers and non-covered entities seeking to securely exchange or access patient information at scale,” says Jon Elwell, CEO of Kno2. “The addition of new networks, protocols and standards only adds to the complexity. Kno2 brings a level of simplicity and ease through our single Communication API.”

From the beginning, Kno2 has provided early, lasting and active participation in the Common Agreement Workgroup, which helped to shape the vision and proposed execution for TEFCA.

Elwell continues, “I’m proud of the team for its tireless efforts working closely with various stakeholders to bring clarity to the governance and standards that are now included in the published QHIN application. Our work is helping make QHIN-based exchange possible.”

If selected as a designated QHIN, Kno2’s unique value will be in the broad access it will deliver to organizations of all sizes interested in participating in TEFCA. Kno2’s passion to democratize health information exchange for all includes connecting and representing the needs of historically overlooked healthcare segments including post-acute, therapies, EMS, vision, dental, behavioral health, specialty providers and others. This is particularly important because these markets are becoming critical to new delivery models aimed at driving costs out of care and improving outcomes. Interoperable exchange throughout healthcare has never been more important.

“Kno2 dedicates tremendous time and resource to participation and leadership for national and regional industry initiatives defining the path forward for interoperability,” says Therasa Bell, Cofounder, President and CTO at Kno2. “Our partners and providers place tremendous trust in us to ensure their voice and needs are recognized and implemented at local, regional and national levels across industry initiatives and within the Kno2 platform.” Bell continues, “Becoming a QHIN is no different. Staying true to our commitment, Kno2 will apply because we want to make QHIN services seamlessly available to our partners, letting them continue to focus to their core business.”

As the most tenured and expansive network of networks, every new Kno2 connectivity effort has been approached with thoughtful design and innovation around the core tenants of send, receive and find. With nearly a decade of innovation and expansion around push and pull-based networks – including our work with Direct Secure Messaging, Carequality and many of the nation’s HIEs – Kno2 is well positioned to becoming a QHIN. Kno2 is the technology of choice for overlooked care settings and digital health applications for the purposes of payment, operations and individual access. ONC’s focus to expanding interoperability beyond treatment is critical.

Bell adds, “Applying for QHIN designation is exciting for us as we have the entire foundation established for optimized sending, receiving and finding patient information already within the platform. Thus, this effort goes well beyond doing the fundamental work to become a QHIN.  This effort will be about maximizing the value of the workflows each participant receives from QHIN-to-QHIN exchange. We will not lose our focus to innovation as we ensure adoption and the best experience not only to our partners and customers, but other QHINs we connect to, their customers and all of healthcare.”

Kno2 looks forward to participating in nationwide efforts to ensure interoperability, and TEFCA represents the single best opportunity for delivering on this long-promised outcome. To learn more about Kno2’s pursuit for QHIN designation, visit

About Kno2

The Kno2 network enables the secure, effortless and maximized exchange of patient information across patients, providers, payers and IT vendors. We are empowering healthcare to finally realize the true potential of interoperability by unleashing connectivity everywhere through a simple to use Communication API and robust tools for any business. With industry disrupting economics and our passion to include the underserved, Kno2 is democratizing healthcare communications and defining the new connected future of healthcare. With a single connection to Kno2, anyone can quickly gain access to a powerful network of connected networks, EHRs, HIEs, organizations, technologies and interoperability frameworks that gives the freedom to easily communicate with all. To learn more, visit