Kno2, the company solving interoperability for everyone in healthcare, today announced that the Kno2 platform has been selected by Surescripts, the nation’s largest health information network, to connect health technology vendors and enable their users to securely send and receive information utilizing Surescripts Clinical Direct Messaging.

Kno2 was selected by Surescripts because of:

  • Kno2’s unique ability to make any technology that produces documents interoperable. No matter the type of health technology vendor—from electronic medical record (EMR) vendors and health information exchanges to hardware fax vendors and emergency medical services—Kno2 can connect them to the Surescripts network. Kno2’s platform is flexible and vendor-agnostic, enabling interoperability of all clinical documents from any source, allowing information to flow securely across the full care continuum.
  • Ease of integration with Kno2. Kno2 makes very simple APIs available to vendors seeking to connect to the Surescripts network. Health technology vendors can connect to the Kno2 APIs in just a few days, enabling them to dramatically reduce costs for implementing Direct messaging as well as take advantage of Kno2’s 2014 Module Electronic Health Record Certification. Once vendors integrate with Kno2, the platform brokers all types of exchange on the backend—including Direct messaging, fax, Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) protocols and future exchange standards such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).
  • Kno2’s streamlined identity-verification process. Obtaining a Direct address (required for exchange via the Surescripts network) requires care providers to prove their identity so trusted certificates can be assigned for security purposes. Traditionally, providers’ technology vendors have handled the identify-verification process manually. Kno2 handles all identity verification for providers connecting through its platform, relieving this significant burden from vendors. Kno2’s online verification process enables technology vendors’ end users to provision a Direct address in a matter of minutes.

Healthcare organizations integrated with Surescripts can transmit patient summaries electronically over the network to help meet some of the requirements of the second phase of Meaningful Use.

“The Surescripts network connects providers nationwide, so they can easily and securely exchange critical patient information electronically and better manage transitions of care,” said Mike Pritts, EVP of Product Innovation at Surescripts. “By delivering quick integration to vendors that might not have the resources to integrate natively to our API, Kno2 will help us further expand our network, particularly among ambulatory providers looking to benefit from meaningful use incentives and establish a single connection to a broad network of care partners.”

“We are excited to play an integral role in helping Surescripts expand its nationwide network even further,” said Jon Elwell, CEO of Kno2. “Both Kno2 and Surescripts are committed to vendor neutrality—we want everyone in healthcare to be able to improve care delivery through increased collaboration. We’re especially pleased to expand not only the number of organizations that can connect to the Surescripts network but also the kinds of clinical documents that they can exchange over the network. Providers have been using the network to exchange basic transitions of care included in the C-CDA (Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture). Now, with Kno2, the network’s users can exchange any kind of document for any use case.”

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