Kno2® today announced it has joined Civitas Networks for Health, the largest national network of its kind. Civitas is comprised of member organizations working to use health information exchange, health data and multi-stakeholder, cross-sector approaches to improve health.

In our experience, communication in healthcare has been overcomplicated for way too long – requiring organizations to connect to multiple disparate systems – each requiring its own IT project to begin submitting or sharing health data. Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), providers and technology vendors struggle to get data flowing. There is simply no other industry where communication is so critically important. An error may impact quality of life or even mortality. The interdependencies in healthcare are so great, that Kno2’s sole purpose is to democratize healthcare communication for all.

Serving as healthcare’s largest network aggregator, Kno2’s patented Communication API provides connectivity and exchange across a powerful network of connected networks, organizations, technologies, EHRs, HIEs, interoperability frameworks and proprietary platforms that drive critical workflows all through a single integration. Technology vendors no longer have to be concerned with the heavy lift of connecting to each network or system and can stay focused to their core business and application. Kno2 handles this connectivity so that patient information can easily flow across the health care ecosystem for all purposes of use, Treatment, Payment, Operations and Individual Access.

“To affect change, one must be leading change,” said Therasa Bell, Kno2’s Cofounder, President and Chief Technology Officer. “This is why Kno2 dedicates tremendous time and resource to participation and leadership for national and regional industry initiatives that are defining the path forward for interoperability. We are excited to join Civitas Networks for Health because our goals are closely aligned, and we believe we can bring value to Civitas members working to improve health by maximizing the way patient information is communicated and shared.”

“Civitas Networks for Health is excited to have Kno2 join our national network,” said Civitas CEO Lisa Bari. “We are raising the voices of local health collaboratives and those providing critical services to support health transformation. From the secure exchange of life-saving data to the accountability of multi-stakeholder initiatives, our member organizations have built the most trusted, connected and inventive programs to serve their communities.” Bari continued, “Kno2 brings a deep understanding of various healthcare standards, interoperability frameworks and healthcare legislation, including TEFCA. Their reputation of making connectivity easy for anyone in healthcare is unmatched, and we look forward to the insights and services they can bring to the network of Civitas members.”

Kno2 is a proud sponsor of The Civitas Networks for Health 2022 Annual Conference, a Collaboration with the DirectTrust™ Summit in San Antonio, Texas, from August 21-24, 2022. Register to attend here and visit us at the Kno2 booth.


About Civitas Networks for Health 

Civitas Networks for Health is a mission- and member-driven organization dedicated to using health information exchange, health data and multi-stakeholder, cross-sector approaches to improve health. It was formed in October 2021 with the affiliation of the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC) and the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI). Civitas Networks for Health counts more than one hundred regional and statewide health information exchanges (HIEs), regional health improvement collaboratives (RHICs), quality improvement organizations (QIOs) and all-payer claims databases (APCDs) as well as more than 50 affiliated organizations as members and reaches approximately 95 percent of the United States population. To learn more, please visit