Kno2®, the company leading the future of healthcare communications, and AlayaCare, an innovative home-based care technology provider, today announced a new business relationship. Kno2 enables secure, effortless, and maximized exchange of vital medical and clinical patient information across the healthcare ecosystem to ultimately accelerate and improve client outcomes. In this collaborative relationship with AlayaCare, the Kno2 Communication API facilitates bi-directional data integration with the AlayaCare platform, solving complex interoperability challenges to help home healthcare providers easily and securely access and share medical data across the healthcare spectrum.

By combining the AlayaCare cloud-based solutions with Kno2’s Communication API, AlayaCare users can track in-home care more effectively by making it easier than ever to send-and-receive shared information with other healthcare providers, caregivers, patients, and payers. This reduces workloads for in-home clinicians, patients, and caregivers for enhanced care coordination.

Both Kno2 and AlayaCare recognize the mutually beneficial opportunities their combined cutting-edge, automated technologies create. Applied artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models in AlayaCare combined with the Kno2 network drive connectivity and efficiency—benefiting how care is delivered in the home. Kno2 empowers AlayaCare to remove manual, time-consuming data communications transfer processes by delivering specified information for each unique patient, securely, and rapidly.

According to Adrian Schauer, CEO and Founder of AlayaCare, “As the healthcare industry endorses more home-based and virtual care, we are hyper-focused on assuring all data related to in-home treatment is captured and moved securely and efficiently. AlayaCare is committed to fully participating in how nationwide home health data is shared—and our integration with Kno2 removes legacy communications pain points. Our customers can now send and receive data and information they need through the AlayaCare platform to deliver the best possible care.”

Staffing shortages in home-based care remain at an all-time high. A fundamental initiative that led to the technology integration between Kno2 and AlayaCare was to create a combined communications solution that is intuitive, automated, and tailored to the clinical workflow—making care providers’ jobs easier, so they can focus on better care and better outcomes.

“In-home care is growing exponentially, and for good reason. As we look for ways to care for more people in the comfort of their own homes and transition out of costly, institutional settings, care providers need access to the right information at the right time,” said Therasa Bell, co-founder, president, and chief technology officer at Kno2. “Both technology-forward companies, AlayaCare and Kno2 are disrupting the home-based care market to provide enhanced clinical automation and improved provider workflows. Kno2 communications expertise with AlayaCare software is delivering broad, positive impacts across the U.S. healthcare industry.”

Kno2 will be in Niagara Falls, Ontario to attend the AlayaCare Better Outcomes 2022 user conference October 25th–27th. This annual conference is where home care professionals, agency representatives, and industry thought leaders come together to celebrate in-home care technology. Take a deeper dive into the AlayaCare platform and understand how to leverage interoperability capabilities and implement better technology for better outcomes.


About AlayaCare

AlayaCare offers an end-to-end platform for governments, home care businesses, and community care providers to manage the entire client lifecycle, including needs assessments, care plans, scheduling, route optimization, billing and payments, and visit verification. AlayaCare is a cloud-based solution accessible via desktop and mobile app—combining in-person and virtual care for providers around the world.  For more information, visit: