We have been working hard on creating a robust resource for providers, developers, and healthcare connectivity vendors…the new Kno2.com is live!

We’ve upgraded our graphics, content, and website structure to pave the way for deep content and valuable information across care settings and use cases. With distinctive experiences for developers and providers, we are focused on making healthcare communication as simple and successful as possible for any stakeholder.

Be sure to check out Kno2 Connectivity on the site to learn more about the various modalities, standards and interoperability frameworks we support to connect healthcare providers across the care continuum. And don’t hesitate to drop us a chat via our new widget to connect directly with our team in real-time!

As always, our goal is to move the needle on collaboration and communication between all providers, and the new Kno2.com is designed to empower our collective efforts to revolutionize connectivity in patient care.