Inofile, the company that solves interoperability for everyone in healthcare, today announced it is changing its corporate name to Kno2™. The name change aligns the company’s identity with its award-winning Kno2 exchange platform, which experienced 200 percent quarter-after-quarter subscription growth in 2015 and gained significant traction in the healthcare industry.

“Our mission is to solve interoperability for all healthcare stakeholders,” said Jon Elwell, CEO of Kno2. “We’ve experienced phenomenal growth in 2015, with subscribers and partners enthusiastically adopting our Kno2 exchange platform. These customers know us primarily by the Kno2 solution name. It makes sense for us to simplify our corporate identity and capitalize on this brand equity.”

Kno2 delivers secure, standards-based clinical document exchange to the entire continuum, including emergency medical services (EMS), long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) providers, home health and behavioral health. The platform leverages each healthcare provider’s existing technology infrastructure—from electronic medical records (EMRs) to fax machines, printers and scanners—to create structured clinical document exchange from unstructured content.

The company attributes its continuing growth and momentum to the establishment of key partnerships with organizations that spread across the care continuum, including:

  • EMR vendors
  • EMS providers
  • Telehealth platforms
  • Release-of-information vendors
  • Office imaging companies
  • Health information exchanges
  • Health systems

These partners integrate with Kno2 for bidirectional exchange of clinical content with their full range of stakeholders using a single platform. These stakeholders can, in turn, subscribe to the Kno2 platform to expand their own exchange networks to include additional care partners, smoothing transitions of care and achieve meaningful use measures specific to exchange.

Most recently, Kno2 announced a partnership with AOD Software, a leading EMR vendor in the LTPAC space. The Kno2 platform enables AOD customers to easily and securely exchange patient data with care partners through AOD’s EMR. Such connectivity is critical in an industry transitioning to value-based care where every care partner aligned with a hospital or health system must be able to send and receive patient information securely and electronically.

“Our platform seeks to overcome healthcare’s huge interoperability challenge by delivering a simple approach to information exchange that is adaptable to every member of the healthcare spectrum,” Elwell said. “Although hospitals and physician practices have made strides in interoperability, the majority of care providers still lack the technology infrastructure, government incentives and resources to take advantage of exchange methods that have been available. Because of that, 75 percent of healthcare organizations continue to use fax as the primary method of clinical document exchange. We’re excited to deliver to those organizations an affordable solution that doesn’t require any change to their current technology infrastructure or workflow.”

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