BOISE, Idaho – April 18, 2017 – Kno2™, the company that optimizes patient document exchange for everyone in healthcare, today announced a partnership agreement with ImageTrend™, a developer of software solutions, data analytics and services for emergency medical services (EMS), hospitals, community paramedicine (CP), critical care, fire and preparedness. ImageTrend will integrate Kno2’s interoperability platform with ImageTrend Elite™ and Health Information Hub™ (HIH™) to expand choices for achieving rapid, secure exchange of patient documentation between EMS agencies and hospitals, leading to improved care quality, patient safety and better outcomes reporting available to the EMS agencies.

Through this technology partnership, ImageTrend’s EMS customers will be able to establish connections to all of the major health networkscloud fax, DirectTrust, Carequality, FHIR thus enabling the ability to securely send, receive and query for patient information electronically in a faster, more efficient manner. Additionally, Kno2 will assist ImageTrend in establishing connectivity with the hospitals, based on their individual preferences, so that the agencies and hospitals can benefit from standards-based electronic exchange.

“Emergency medical services are truly the front line of care and everything happens at high speed,” said Mike McBrady, president of ImageTrend. “Kno2’s interoperability platform ensures immediate, secure exchange of patient information between EMS agencies and the hospital. Together, we are delivering on our shared vision of driving better clinical and administrative efficiencies, quality care and patient safety.”

Historically, when patients are transported to the hospital by EMS agencies, acute care information is typically shared verbally with the emergency department (ED), while in non-acute cases, documentation is often sent via fax within 24 hours of patient delivery to meet Joint Commission requirements. This process creates an additional burden on both sides, as ePCR (electronic patient care report) information must be printed and faxed by the EMS agency and later entered into the hospital’s EHR – work that happens outside of typical workflows. Additionally, EMS agencies typically must spend time tracking down information from the hospital, such as the patient’s name and health insurance carrier, so that they can get reimbursed.

Integrating the Kno2 interoperability platform with ImageTrend Elite and HIH enables all associated pre-hospital information to be exchanged securely and electronically within normal workflows. Kno2 creates the connectivity between the EMS agency and the hospital by establishing both sides as endpoints within its comprehensive network. The EMS agency can query vital patient information such as current medications and allergies, allowing them to provide safer care during transport. After they deliver the patient to the ED, EMS agencies can then prepare and send the ePCR to complete the record of care and meet regulatory requirements. The agencies are not limited to one method of submission; the ImageTrend-Kno2 integration enables them to send the ePCR electronically to the hospital based on their preferred method of receipt – whether that be a Direct message, HL7 point-to-point interface, or even cloud fax if necessary, although not recommended.

Upon discharge, the hospital can provide the patient treatment and outcomes data within a C-CDA and deliver it via Direct message, or the EMS agency is empowered to query for the outcomes and payment information, confirming accuracy of treatment to ensure ongoing improved quality of care and submission for timely reimbursement.

This everyday scenario provides a strong example of how a typical EMS workflow can be improved with this ImageTrend-Kno2 integration. Leveraging multiple forms of standards-based document exchange using a single solution can drive interoperability between the hospital and EMS agencies throughout the patient’s transport and hospital stay – impacting the quality of care, patient safety and outcomes reporting.

“Kno2 recognized this critical gap in connectivity and secure patient data exchange and, in response, partnered with ImageTrend to enable EMS agencies to collaborate more effectively with receiving hospitals on patient care,” said Jon Elwell, CEO of Kno2. “This is a real breakthrough for EMS and another step forward toward our goal of ubiquitous interoperability throughout the care continuum.”

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