Cipher Skin, the hardware-enabled monitoring platform that enables flexible, hybrid recovery for musculoskeletal care and Kno2®, the company leading the future of healthcare communication, today announced plans to incorporate Kno2’s connectivity platform into the Cipher Skin technology to set communication free between physician referrers, physical therapists and the technology they use, enabling greater care coordination and data sharing.

Cipher Mesh, Cipher Skin’s patented technology, wraps around upper and lower extremities, captures gapless biometric and motion data, and translates it into instant, actionable insights. Physical and occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and orthopedists can evaluate patient conditions, build their treatment plans, and monitor progress over time.

When Cipher Skins becomes Kno2 Connected™, this data can be easily shared with every Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) system, keeping healthcare providers informed about their patient’s health and progress.

“We’re thrilled to work with a strong partner like Kno2 to help connect Cipher Skin’s Recovery App to the rest of the healthcare ecosystem,” said Philip Bogdanovich, founder and CEO at Cipher Skin. “This exciting partnership reinforces our commitment to deliver end-to-end visibility of the recovery journey through improved patient monitoring and outcomes tracking. With Kno2, Cipher Skin can effectively communicate data collected to other healthcare platforms; bridging the gaps between referring physicians, patients, and physical therapists, while enabling more effective treatment and patient-centered care.”

“What good is data collected if it cannot be communicated in a timely manner to inform care decisions?” said Jon Elwell, CEO at Kno2. “The Cipher Skin technology is impressive with its ability to track real-time movement and biometrics of the human body in motion – the type of innovation that is getting jaw-dropping reaction from the healthcare industry.” Elwell continues, “We are excited they selected us as their communication provider. Kno2 is connected to all the major EHRs in the post-acute and therapy care settings, and we look forward to introducing Cipher Skin to Kno2’s network.”

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 About Cipher Skin 

Cipher Skin is a hardware-enabled monitoring platform that enables flexible, hybrid recovery for musculoskeletal care. Founded in 2017, Cipher Skin’s patented technology is a network of sensors that captures gapless biometric and motion data and translates it through proprietary software to provide instantaneous, visualized data and diagnostics. By connecting in-clinic rehab therapy with at-home care through continuous patient progress monitoring, practitioners can track exact outcomes, deliver patient-centered care, and maximize clinic revenue. To learn more visit