NORWALK, Conn. (November 29, 2016) – While large hospitals share patient data digitally today, many non-acute care providers such as general practitioners, physical therapists and urgent care centers still use fax machines or the U.S. mail to share patient data in a secure and compliant way. The new Xerox Healthcare Multifunction Printer (MFP) Solution helps providers digitize patient information for secure online exchange, improving care coordination and patient outcomes.

Designed specifically for smaller healthcare providers, the Healthcare MFP, connected by Kno2, a clinical document exchange cloud service, helps healthcare professionals access, search and route patient information to millions of providers across the country. The Healthcare MFP is a ConnectKey®-enabled product, equipped with ready-to-use apps to speed up paper-dependent business processes and make it easier for users to collaborate and work more effectively.

Instead of faxing, mailing and inputting patient information manually, providers using the Healthcare MFP can simply scan patient documents using the “Share Patient Information” button, select a provider’s address from the national directory and click send. This avoids the need to make yet another copy of protected health information – risking HIPAA violations – and yields an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)-compatible, electronic exchange.

The Healthcare MFP not only enables providers to stay current with EMR regulations, but it also allows caregivers to focus more on patients and less on paperwork.

“For example, a mid-sized urgent care provider in Dallas, Texas found that the Healthcare MFP not only saved the time it takes to transfer patient information, but also time it took to redo forms due to inputting errors – with a census of 500 patients, that adds up to considerable time saved,” said Tracey Koziol, senior vice president, Office and Solutions Business Group, Xerox. “The Healthcare MFP provides a secure digital exchange workflow solution that is both intuitive and familiar, making actionable clinical information available more quickly to the care community, resulting in better patient outcomes.”

Highlights of the Healthcare MFP, connected by Kno2, include:

  • Share patient information right from the MFP across a HIPAA-compliant network to better coordinate care.
  • MFP touch panel access to national healthcare network of more than one million providers.
  • Paper is transformed instantly to usable, relevant and “structured” patient documentation.
  • Direct messaging via Kno2 over the Surescripts HISP, the largest and most secure health information network in the U.S., and document query via Carequality.
  • Ability to request patient information electronically, reducing physician wait time, providing quicker, better informed decisions.
  • A range of ways to exchange information depending on current provider capabilities, and the flexibility to grow into additional interoperability, all using an accredited framework through DirectTrust, an email system for healthcare providers.
  • Equifax services for identity verification to secure patient information from start to finish.

Availability and Pricing

The Healthcare MFP is available in the United States as a new configuration of any of the following Xerox devices: Xerox WorkCentre® 3655iXerox WorkCentre 5865i/5875i/5890iXerox WorkCentre 5945i/5955iXerox WorkCentre 6655iXerox WorkCentre 7220i/7225i and Xerox WorkCentre 7830i/7835i/7845i/7855i. Pricing for the Healthcare MFP starts at around $2,500 or about $10 per month additional on a typical lease for a comparable standard Xerox WorkCentre.

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