Kno2’s Pursuit for QHIN Designation

Steve Williams

VP of Product Strategy and Design

As VP of Product Strategy and Design at Kno2, Steve Williams is responsible for the Kno2 product roadmap and coordinating across departments to deliver solutions to complex interoperability challenges for our partners and end users. Steve is driven to find solutions that are innovative and complementary to other uses of Kno2 to maximize the capability of Kno2 Connected systems. When new connectivity is established, Steve simplifies that connection into Kno2’s send, receive and find APIs; ensuring consumption remains easy for new and existing customers and partners.

Steve has been with Kno2 since 2012 with increasing responsibilities from support and development of the company’s earlier products, guiding partners in the use of the Kno2 APIs.

Steve comes to Kno2 with previous experience in support and professional services in the document management industry including customers in healthcare.