Kno2’s Pursuit for QHIN Designation

Lisa Moore

Vice President of Client Activation & Support

Lisa Moore is the Vice President of Client Activation and Support at Kno2. Her focus and dedication has always been to ensure both our partners and end users have what they need to successfully utilize Kno2. Lisa oversees a team dedicated to supporting our customers with product tutorials, personalized training, and specialized customer engagement. Her team also drives adoption of Kno2 with in-application messaging to promote product features.

Lisa has been with the Kno2 team from the beginning, starting out as the third employee of the company. While her role through the years has become more focused, Lisa’s passion for successful project implementation alongside our partners as well as achievement of end user success is still what drives her each day.

Prior to Kno2, Lisa worked in a complimentary technology space implementing a document management system in several healthcare environments.