Kno2’s Pursuit for QHIN Designation

Jon Elwell

Chief Executive Officer

Jon Elwell is Chief Executive Officer at Kno2. He leads the company in its mission to solve connectivity and interoperability for the healthcare industry, and truly transform the way patient information is communicated and exchanged. Elwell initially focused on charting a course for post-acute – LTCH, skilled nursing, assisted living, behavioral health, therapies and others – where proper connectivity was lacking. Now that 80% of the technology vendors who support that market are largely integrated to Kno2, Jon is currently driving the Kno2 Network to become the largest healthcare network enabling the secure, effortless, and maximized exchange of patient information that spans the entire healthcare ecosystem of patients, providers, payers and IT vendors.

He has served on the Board of Directors for Kno2 since 2013.

Prior to Kno2, Jon served as Vice President of Healthcare for the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), where he helped hardware and software technology companies strengthen and grow their service lines. Before that he spent 17 years as an executive at IKON Office Solutions and Ricoh Corporation, including Marketplace Vice President of Sales, Region Vice President of Sales, Vice President and General Manager of the West Region and Vice President of Healthcare.