BOISE, Idaho and DALLAS, Texas – June 5, 2018Kno2®, the company that provides Interoperability as a Service to everyone in healthcare and Aprima Medical Software, a leading provider of Best in KLAS electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) software, as well as award winning revenue cycle management solutions (RCM) for medical practices, today announced that their joint customers achieved significant time savings utilizing the integrated Kno2 cloud faxing services during the past year. The service provides advanced functionality going beyond traditional cumbersome fax solutions rampant in healthcare today.

As the administrative burdens on physician offices continue to mount, the time savings are impressive and speak volumes about how technology can, and is, making a positive impact on a daily basis. More than 1,500,000 documents were sent and received containing well over 6,300,000 total pages via Kno2’s cloud faxing service integrated within Aprima software and part of normal, everyday workflows. Recent industry estimates show that the handling of an inbound manual fax can take 2 minutes, 36 seconds per document. Comparatively, Aprima customers are averaging 70% less time, or just 47 seconds, which can be attributed to the embedded automation. As a result, more than 45,400 staff hours or approximately 103 staff hours per provider, have been eliminated annually; time that can be reallocated to other more productive activities including patient care and care coordination.

Faxing has long been the defacto standard of data sharing in healthcare, but has also been a very inefficient and problematic technology. Incoming faxes often require sorting, scanning, indexing, shredding and work inside the EHR to complete the process.  Kno2 eliminates most of these steps through the advanced integration with Aprima.  A received fax is quickly reviewed for quality, and through just a few mouse clicks, assigned to the correct patient, visit, or order and if necessary, linked to a task for provider review in the EHR.  The combination of a well-integrated solution, attention to healthcare workflows and the application of technology have resulted in significant time savings.

Outbound fax challenges that plague most offices have also been addressed.  Issues such as busy signals, wasted time waiting for faxes to send, disrupted transmissions, and fax resends have been minimized through Kno2’s advanced fax management services.

“Bringing efficiency through technology to our medical practices continues to be our focus,” said Michael Nissenbaum, president and CEO of Aprima. “The time savings our providers are realizing are truly impressive and will continue to improve further as our combined efforts with Kno2 push aside traditional administrative burdens. Our partnership with Kno2 allows for a streamlined faxing experience and enables staff to spend additional time providing care for their patients.”

Kno2 cloud faxing enables the exchange of all patient information in a single experience. The integration allows Aprima users to send and receive faxes electronically and absorb appropriate documents directly into the patient record. As the volume of data grows, patterns and workflows are being further evaluated on a practice by practice basis to allow for additional efficiencies. Long term, these improvements and adjustments will grind away at the need for faxing and could someday eliminate most if not all faxing.

“We work closely with Aprima to ensure their client base leverages interoperability effectively,” said Jon Elwell, chief executive officer at Kno2. “Together, we believe we deliver a better faxing experience for Aprima users and these time savings estimates validate that. More so, we’re excited to improve further through additional automation coming soon! While these results are impressive, we know where the opportunities are to drive additional time savings, and efforts are underway to deliver on that potential.”

About Aprima Medical Software, Inc.

Aprima provides innovative electronic health record (EHR), practice management (PM), population health and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions for medical practices and has been named the 2018 Best in KLAS Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM (1-10 physicians). Aprima serves physicians in primary care and more than 70 specialties with a fast, flexible design that adapts automatically to a physician’s workflow and sets the benchmark for ease-of-use, speed and flexibility.

For two decades, the company has delivered quality solutions that have helped tens of thousands of users enhance patient care and satisfaction, as well as improve their practices’ bottom lines. The Aprima EHR/PM solution sets the benchmark for ease-of-use, speed and flexibility, thanks to its single application, single database and customizable design that adapts automatically to individual physician workflows. Aprima has a proven track record of compliance with government initiatives, including the MACRA/MIPS program, has been awarded pre-validation status for NCQA PCMH recognition and won the Frost & Sullivan 2017 Award for Product Leadership. Based in Richardson, Texas, the company performs all development, support and implementation from within the U.S. To learn more about how Aprima can help your practice, please visit, call us at 844 4APRIMA or email us at

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