Improving care coordination for over 400 Million HME/DME orders placed every year

Carmel, Indiana, – Stratice Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider for ePrescribing of medical supplies, equipment and other patient care services, is expanding connectivity and interoperability with every provider in healthcare by partnering with the nation’s interoperability leader, Kno2. Stratice’s eOrdersPlus™, connected by Kno2’s Interoperability as a Service™ (IAAS), will enable every healthcare professional to seamlessly create and receive complete, compliant medical orders for e-signature and more rapid, reliable provider fulfillment, accompanied by filing of medical orders back into patient charts – all through interoperability with every certified or Kno2 Connected™ EHR.

Stratice’s rapidly expanding eOrdersPlus solution set provides direct electronic ePrescribing, eOrdering and ePurchasing connectivity supporting its open, national two-sided network of healthcare professionals, and local, regional and national providers, distributors and manufacturers of patients’ post-acute care needs. The eOrdersPlus patient care coordination hub empowers healthcare professionals at the point of patient discharge, and across all post-acute care settings, to ensure faster, seamless transitions and continuity of patient care, followed by reliable claim reimbursement.  By partnering with Kno2, Stratice is removing any barriers to the flow of patient information between a care provider’s EHR and existing clinical workflows with eOrdersPlus.  In addition, through Kno2’s aggregated network, Stratice securely gains real-time access to millions of patient records, allowing for a complete and accurate medical order every time, eliminating the back and forth manual phone and fax workflows that plague the HME/DME order, fulfillment and claim reimbursement processes today.

Stratice’s latest first-to-market solution enables its networked HME/DME providers to more efficiently transmit patients’ expiring “resupply” or “renewal” orders directly to healthcare professionals for faster, more reliable completion and continued fulfillment of such critical items as oxygen, CPAP, incontinence, urological, ostomy, diabetic and wound care supplies. This new eOrdersPlus application is an industry game-changer, achieving resupply order completion rates across all HME supplies categories exceeding 95%, and typically within 24 hours to a week. Being Kno2 Connected via eOrdersPlus, allows providers to securely access current patient clinical information and communicate with the treating prescriber directly within their EHR, removing costly administrative communication burden between provider and prescriber, and dramatically impacting the patient experience and overall patient care.

“By leveraging Kno2’s leadership position within the national interoperability initiative, as well as its respected relationships and solutions connecting EHRs, health systems, physician offices, and all other post-acute care settings, Stratice will continue to deliver next level, enhanced electronic connectivity for its open, two-sided network. Our partnership with Kno2 greatly accelerates Stratice’s mission to serve as the industry’s sole open, completely neutral care coordination hub filling the gap between “eReferral” platforms and the transmission of complete, compliant orders for a wide array of patient care needs based on true patient and prescriber choice,” shared Jason Farmer, CEO of Stratice.

“We are extremely pleased to add Stratice Healthcare to our Kno2 Connected partner community. Enabling Stratice’s two-sided network with effective interoperability, allowing its members to create an order, support the order with required clinical documentation, and interact seamlessly within EHRs is a significant step forward for a daily activity that today is horribly inefficient,” stated Jon Elwell, CEO of Kno2. “Stratice’s partnership continues to exhibit the power Kno2’s IaaS platform delivers with our ability to impact all corners of healthcare for those seeking the movement of patient information between disparate systems.”

About Stratice

Stratice Healthcare developed and operates eOrdersPlus™ — a first-to-market suite of ePrescribing, eOrdering and ePurchasing solutions connecting a two-sided, open network of healthcare professionals (and their patients) with local, regional and national providers, distributors and manufacturers of medical equipment, supplies and other patient care services. Our cloud-based, scalable eOrdersPlus solution set provides direct electronic connectivity through interoperable EHR, practice management, and revenue cycle management system integrations supporting critical connectivity within an open, national fulfillment network delivering rapid, reliable fulfillment of patients’ medical orders, while providing true patient and prescriber choice. For more information about Stratice Healthcare, visit