BOISE, Idaho, February 14, 2017 – Kno2™, the company that optimizes patient document exchange for everyone in healthcare, today announced that Raintree Systems, a provider of highly configurable, comprehensive electronic health records (EHR)/electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management software and services solutions, is adding Kno2’s interoperability platform to its Raintree software.

With the addition of Kno2, Raintree clients will be able to securely exchange patient information electronically via fax, direct messaging or document query within their regular workflows. This capability will enable users to protect their referrals by helping referring physicians meet the mandates for electronic transmission of information during transitions of care.

“Our clients depend on us for leadership and innovation, and to deliver a robust and open system that allows them to participate in the continuum of care effectively,” said Terrence Sims, President and Chief Operating Officer of Raintree. “Partnering with Kno2 for electronic patient documentation exchange, in whatever exchange modality providers prefer, is a prime example of our commitment to delivering scalable functionality that meets our clients’ needs – today and tomorrow.”

In addition to healthcare data exchange capabilities, Kno2 offers other advantages to Raintree Systems and its clients. For example, the company has aggregated a national directory that includes the direct messaging addresses of more than 1.2 million providers in the U.S. This directory makes it easy to find providers who will accept this form of communication. Since Kno2 is designed to work within normal workflows – instead of requiring users to open a separate application – the seamless process minimizes any potential disruption, while providing rapid access to much-needed patient information at the point of care.

Furthermore, Kno2.iQ™ proprietary data analytics helps Raintree customers to easily identify, via their fax transactions, providers they can connect to electronically. Kno2 partners benefit from taking fax as a predominate way of exchanging patient information and turning it into a path for connectivity via direct or document query. This results in the reduction of fax expenses and time associated with managing fax documents, while at the same time moving to a more interoperable form of exchange. This outcome moves them closer to their referral partners and brings value to both the referring provider and Raintree customers.

“Enabling interoperability at each step of the care continuum is critical to delivering the level of coordinated care that every patient deserves,” said Jon Elwell, Chief Executive Officer of Kno2. “With many of the bundled payments and other risk-sharing arrangements already in play, and more on the way, the need for this type of solution is clear. Raintree Systems is an established leader in specialty EMRs, and we are excited that they have chosen to partner with Kno2 to bring our next-generation electronic data exchange to their clients.”

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