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Why build an interoperability solution if you don’t have to?

Through our simple set of APIs, health IT vendors can immediately participate with the largest health information networks and standards used for patient information exchange.

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A simple set of APIs will have you up and running in days, not weeks or months.

Achieve certification

Supporting you through attestation for Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2.

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Create new lines of business and technology that expand your market potential.

Grow revenue

Leverage Kno2.iQ™ for data analytics that can point you to new opportunities.

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We will continuously drive connectivity back to our core APIs without significant disruption to you or your clients

What our Partners have to say

“Today's value based healthcare environment is forcing providers across the continuum of care to effectively communicate with one another. Broken data exchange and communication processes across health systems inevitably lead to frustrated providers and poor patient outcomes. For this reason, Casamba has partnered with interoperability leader - Kno2. Our customers can now leverage Kno2's extensive national network of electronic direct connections in order to seamlessly receive and send data across multiple health systems. This enables our customers working in a variety of settings to always have the information they need when making clinical decisions at the point of care. We see this as a key component in helping our partners achieve better patient outcomes.”

Luis Montes, DPT, MBACasamba SVP Strategic Partnerships

“Kno2’s standardized, easy-to-use APIs, streamline and speed integrations with a hospital’s EMR/EHR. HL7, a common solution used to transfer CCD records, requires extra effort and coordination to customize a secure channel. Kno2 simplifies the process by acting as a bridge that securely transfers CCD records. Avizia offers the Kno2 integration to anyone using Epic Care Anywhere, with the advantage that it requires nearly 75 percent less time to implement when compared to HL7.

Cory CostleyAvizia Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer

“We needed to quickly break through the barriers to achieving Meaningful Use TOC measures and quickly connect our providers. Kno2 made it simple and affordable and have been great to work with!”

Kevin SuttonSaint Francis Medical Center, EMR Quality Reporting Program Manager Quality Improvement

“Kno2 is one of Aprima’s closest and most tenured partners. They are very customer focused both in their approach to designing their products and interactions with the end user. Their use of technology is excellent while workflow and efficiency is always top of mind, which has been a key factor in Aprima delivering very tight integration between out solutions. We’ve experienced this dynamic over multiple generations of product evolution on both sides and appreciate their approach to teamwork from design through testing, implementation, and ongoing customer support, to ultimately deliver the best possible customer experience.”

Mark RichardsAprima SVP Sales & Business Development

Kno2 was built for today and tomorrow’s standards, keeping you current with technology and healthcare requirements.

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