Kno2, the company leading the future of healthcare communication, and Office Practicum (OP), the market’s only dual-certified pediatric-specialty EHR, practice management and RCM company, have announced a new partnership embedding the Kno2 application programming interface (API) into the OP product line. As a result, OP customers can now use their OP solutions to seamlessly connect to the nationwide healthcare ecosystem, including participation in Carequality via Kno2’s gateway, to share patient information purposefully to improve health outcomes and better coordinate care.

As OP leverages the Kno2 Communication API and moves toward a comprehensive strategy for integrated communication, connectivity and interoperability, its providers will become some of the most well-equipped and well-connected providers in pediatrics.

“Pediatricians are not immune to the staffing shortages, demands, or burdens other providers are facing today, which means they need every advantage that seamless communication offers,” said Kraig Brown, CEO of OP. “Through its providers, OP touches the lives of 15 million children, and by integrating Kno2 and OP’s technology, those providers can access comprehensive and accurate patient information to inform clinical decisions and best care for pediatric patients.”

Due to affordability and technical challenges, connecting to the nationwide healthcare ecosystem remains out of reach for many independent healthcare providers. Kno2 and OP’s combined capabilities will enable pediatric providers to maintain their independence by exceeding their need for greater efficiency through advanced communication and information sharing and enable them to seamlessly participate in strategic partnerships and new care and payment models.

“OP understands that its providers must be able to share and consume patient information broadly in different formats and with many participants. Kno2’s comprehensive Communication API takes the burden and costs off the EHR vendor to establish and support individual integrations. Through integration with Kno2, EHR vendors can reallocate their resources to enhance their core products and overall clinical workflows,” said Therasa Bell, co-founder, president, and chief technology officer at Kno2. “Together, OP and Kno2 are delivering a valuable solution for pediatric practices that optimize efficiency and improve health outcomes by allowing easy access to patient information across the care continuum.”

According to Dr. Dan Feiten, medical director and product leader of clinical innovation for OP, “For decades, the tech industry has tried to bend clinicians to a technical workflow, and it has not worked. We are taking a different approach by ensuring data sharing is simple for our clients. We know our customers need to be able to share records with organizations across the street and the nation. Our approach is to let them easily do it from our solution, purpose-built for clinical workflows unique to pediatric practices.”

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Office Practicum has always been a champion for pediatricians and the children, families and caregivers they serve. OP’s dual-certified pediatric-specialty EHR and practice management platform supports the physical, emotional and mental healthcare needs of pediatric patients at all stages of their growth. OP’s EHR, practice management and revenue cycle management services are offered alongside telehealth, 24/7 answering services, website design and SEO services, and other practice marketing tools. Together, they provide a full suite of solutions pediatricians need to grow and support their practice. Today, Office Practicum helps 6,500 pediatricians serving 15 million kids across 48 states. For more information, visit us at