BOISE, Idaho – September 11, 2018Kno2®, the company that provides Interoperability as a Service to everyone in healthcare is well-positioned to help any provider office take the first steps towards becoming a “fax free zone” by enabling simple participation in ONC’s “No Fax  Friday” on October 12, 2018.  Kno2 has demonstrable evidence of how it simplifies the perceived challenges of replacing fax-based workflows while removing interoperability barriers.

The drive to achieve broad based interoperability throughout the care continuum is coming from multiple directions; public and private sectors, cybersecurity, associations, and interoperability collaboratives such as Carequality and CommonWell Health Alliance.  The market is pressurized and Kno2 is poised to deliver on industry objectives to replace fax and remove interoperability barriers with a cost-effective, fast to implement and easy to use service that provides the path to interoperability.

The often missed and misunderstood part of fax in healthcare are the years of experience with this method of communication and the well-entrenched workflows to manage the input and output of fax transmissions in a care setting. Though faxing is inefficient, less secure and problematic for patient care, changing this accepted process is challenging.

Kno2 recognizes this challenge and has been focused in solving the transition to interoperable exchange by following and mimicking current fax workflows and allowing interoperable exchange to transition into the workflow of an organization with minimal change.

How is this being accomplished:

  • Kno2 is embedded in copy, print, scan and fax devices. This allows a user to follow similar steps to send a document as a Direct message instead of fax.
  • Kno2 is embedded in fax servers. Users still initiate an outbound fax from their EHR while Kno2 intercepts the transmission and delivers as a Direct message.
  • Kno2 includes cloud faxing in its online interoperability service. Kno2 reports to its users the top send/receive fax numbers that have a better form of exchange readily available for use instead of fax.
  • Kno2 leverages the CareForward Index. Users can map their existing fax numbers to Direct addresses to intercept incoming faxes and convert them to Direct messages.
  • Kno2 comes with access to an aggregated directory so that a single search can quickly identify the Direct address or query endpoint of a local provider, allowing them to transition all communications to interoperable exchange.
  • Kno2 is integrated to many of the most popular EHRs in the post-acute, emergency medical services and therapy sectors, allowing acute and ambulatory organizations to easily utilize their existing interoperability capabilities with outside providers who in the past were hard to reach.
  • Kno2 allows its subscribers to utilize the Carequality and CommonWell Health Alliance frameworks to search and return patient records on demand, removing the traditional fax request and then return of the patient records via fax or mail.

Kno2 enables cloud fax, Direct messaging, patient query, referral networks and HIE connectivity all in a single experience. By following similar workflows and maintaining the focus on the patient information and not the technology driving it, Kno2 has successfully migrated care providers away from fax and to interoperability.

“Since 2009, the company’s purpose has been to eliminate fax from healthcare,” said Jon Elwell, chief executive officer at Kno2, “and we remain laser-focused on providing solutions that can disrupt the fax transaction.  It’s great to see the public and private sectors recognize that fax is the problem. We learned early on that if you follow the fax, you locate the opportunity to impact change at the source.”  Elwell continues, “We recognize that fax runs deep in healthcare’s bloodstream, that is why it is critical for us to enable providers with a path to interoperability, so they can simply start somewhere, anywhere, determined by them, at their discretion and on their timeline.”

In honor of the upcoming National Health IT Week, including ONC’s “No Fax Friday”, the company has officially launched a Say Kno2 Fax campaign that includes simple steps providers can make to move away from fax and begin the path to interoperability.

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