By now you have probably seen many news articles published about the new HHS interoperability rules. We want to provide some quick updates, a high-level overview of what is happening, and how Kno2 will help you handle these new requirements.

As you know, last year HHS released two proposed rules, both published in final form Monday, March 9th, 2020—one from ONC and one from CMS.  After review of the final rules (which we have been tracking since the beginning), we are very pleased with the position of the Kno2 platform and our active work efforts to address all of the requirements from both rulings, placing our integrated partners in a position of leadership and strength.

We are actively reviewing the content and have distilled it down to five pages of critical need-to-know information, including how Kno2 is responding to Information Blocking, content under the U.S Core Data for Interoperability and FHIR.  Please take a few moments to read through this summary.

For any questions regarding these final rulings or Kno2’s response, please contact Kno2.