True care coordination and collaboration made possible with Kno2 integration with Microsoft Teams

BOISE, Idaho – September 25, 2018Kno2®, the company that provides Interoperability as a Service to everyone in healthcare today announced a new initiative with Microsoft that enables true coordination of patient care across the continuum through Kno2’s integration with Microsoft Teams.

The words collaboration and coordination invoke images of a team, effectively engaged with each other, from communication to action, to produce a desired outcome.  Put the word “care” in front of these words and you get “care coordination” and “care collaboration” –two terms often overused in healthcare. But to truly be executed for the benefit and safety of the patient, human interaction combined with real-time access to patient data is required, especially when a seriously ill patient and their care plan is the center of the team’s focus.

Thus it made sense that Kno2, through this initiative with Microsoft, integrate their interoperability services to Teams, expanding a platform that drives secure connectivity to millions of patient records maintained in disparate EHRs while utilizing Microsoft’s suite of collaboration tools.

With Teams, a robust collaboration platform that combines workspace chat, voice, video and a network of healthcare subscribers, providers can quickly come together and collaborate. Teams provides a virtual environment where care providers and their patients can interact, diagnose, communicate and define treatment plans real-time, improving patient care while reducing costs for care delivery.

With the integration of Kno2 a care team can review a patient’s condition, discuss the care plan real-time while simultaneously having visibility to the patient’s longitudinal records being housed across multiple EHRs by leveraging Kno2’s Interoperability as a Service™ (IaaS). Critical information such as current medications, the problem list, recent procedures, allergies and more are presented in a friendly fashion, reducing the administrative burden so prevalent today. Kno2 also makes it possible to package and send patient records, such as notes and images captured during the collaboration, back to the EHR(s) of the providers involved. The integrated solution virtually removes any remaining barriers for providers, in and outside the four walls of a health system, using any mobile or computing platform to access Teams.

Effective collaboration has never been so important with the shortage of primary and specialty care providers, a growing population of chronically ill and aged patients, and payment reform. Kno2 and Teams makes this true care coordination a reality where there is engaged provider and patient interactions, a transparent view into the longitudinal patient record and effective exchange of critical information between systems.

“Being able to bring interoperability to Microsoft Teams is another example of Kno2’s passion to effectively connect everyone in healthcare,” says Therasa Bell, president and co-founder of Kno2.  “Microsoft has an enormous network of Microsoft Office 365 users and a canvas to drive collaboration between these users in healthcare.  By adding connectivity and interoperability to the equation, we have collectively propelled the administrative use of Office 365 with Teams to clinical use. This new level of care coordination is a great outcome for patients and their care givers.”

Mike Ammerlaan, director, Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp. said, “Microsoft is making significant investments in healthcare. With our existing install base of Microsoft Office 365 including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft is positioned to provide a fully integrated and interoperable care collaboration platform for care teams to work with other providers in a collaborative form using voice, chat, video and real time access to clinical information and compliant management of patient information. Being able to present this functionality with Kno2 at Microsoft Ignite 2018 demonstrates how quickly this challenge is being solved.”

Kno2 will be demonstrating their integration to Teams at Microsoft’s Ignite and Envision 2018, September 24-26 in Orlando, Florida. The demonstration will include the use of Direct messaging and patient information query using the Carequality Interoperability Framework, and will be a significant contribution to Teams for healthcare.

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