For the Record – July 2017 e-Newsletter – There is no doubt that AI is poised to be a true paradigm shifter, but healthcare needs to get its interoperability house before they jump on the AI bandwagon.  Jon Elwell, CEO of Kno2, explains many post-acute care facilities such as skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities; physical, speech, and occupational therapists; diabetes educators; dialysis centers; emergency services; and others still use paper fax to exchange patient information.  So how do we make that leap? The first is for those providers to move away from paper fax and toward the growing Direct messaging network.

Leverage the benefits of Direct with 1.5 million Direct addresses/accounts across more than 94,000 healthcare organizations, along with a single directory that makes it easy to look up and confirm where the data should be sent within normal workflows.  It doesn’t matter which technology the senders and receivers are using…Direct messaging allows the data to be securely exchanged so that it can be easily consumed and added to the rest of the patient’s record – all without any human intervention.

Solve this problem and the value of investing in AI becomes exponentially greater.

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