In an exclusive session, Kno2’s Chief Health Officer, Dr. Peter Schoch, MD, had the unique opportunity to sit down with the company’s key leaders—Jon Elwell, CEO; Therasa Bell, Co-Founder, CTO, and President; and Joseph Granneman, CISO after the recent achievement of HITRUST r2 Certification for Kno2’s Communication Platform.  

Let’s dive into the conversations with Jon, Therasa, and Joe as they share their perspectives on this remarkable milestone and what it means for Kno2 and its valued partners. 

What is HITRUST certification and why is it significant for Kno2?

Jon Elwell (CEO): HITRUST Certification is the gold standard of security, representing the pinnacle of security certification. For organizations like Kno2, achieving this certification demonstrates a strong commitment to the highest security standards, ensuring the protection of highly coveted healthcare data. It establishes trust across the healthcare ecosystem, reflecting the organization’s dedication to robust security controls. 

How does HITRUST certification benefit the healthcare ecosystem?

Therasa Bell (CTO): This certification benefits the healthcare ecosystem by establishing a benchmark for secure operations, instilling confidence in healthcare providers, partners, and users. In an industry reliant on the secure exchange of information, HITRUST Certification plays a pivotal role in creating a robust and trustworthy healthcare environment. 

How does pursing HITRUST certification showcase Kno2’s direct commitment to maximizing security?

Joseph Granneman (CISO): Pursuing HITRUST demonstrates a significant time and resource commitment, often slowing down certain procedures as we add discipline. The commitment involves going back to double-check, performing quality assurance, and conducting necessary security testing. It’s not a default or inexpensive option, and the decision to pursue it reflects a strong dedication to prioritizing and maximizing security within our organization. 

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