Our June Employee Spotlight is none other than Stacy Lane. Stacy has been with Kno2 for over 7 years and is our Client Engagement Team Lead.  Stacy has many talents in addition to providing excellent customer service and support. She is the author of many How2Kno2 articles in our Knowledge Base and provides a great voice to many of our demonstration videos. With a 99% satisfaction rate in the level of support we provide to our customers, Stacy is also our resident “Who’s loving Kno2” reporter for the organization. Learn more about Stacy below.

What do you do at Kno2?

I am part of our awesome Client Activation team, which encompasses onboarding, training and support needs for Kno2. A typical day might find me guiding folks through the quirks of online meeting software so we can walk through the issues they’re encountering together, creating help documentation for a new feature, or building a bot in our support tool to handle common chat questions.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day?

It’s my life’s mission to make things easy and delightful for others, and it drives me to find creative solutions for problems big and small. Providing customer support for a company that is doing tangible good in our world is a great place to focus that energy.

What do you enjoy most outside of work?

In my free time, I like to dabble at homesteading-style projects like gardening, food processing/preservation, raising chickens, and home improvement. I find it very satisfying to use time-tested methods for tackling self-sufficiency while reducing food waste.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I’m an excellent internet detective. If the answer to a question is online, I’ll find it, even if it’s in an obscure place.

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