Meet Mike Stern, an exceptional member of our team at Kno2 who serves as our Client Activation Specialist. We’re honored to have Mike contributing his unique skills and passion, enriching our journey to solving healthcare’s biggest problems!

What do you do at Kno2?

As a Client Activation Specialist, I handle most of the trainings, implementations, and work with a lot of clients on their overall support of the product and making sure they’re utilizing our product in the best way they can!

What’s your ‘why’ for working in healthcare technology?

My ‘why’ of working in healthcare probably starts back when I was in college and had aspirations of being a doctor. I went through the pre-med track and did all the pre-medical courses and was working in a hospital and I got a lot of experience doing that! Once I got to the admissions process, I got hung up in the process of getting admitted to medical school, so I started searching around for other professions in medicine and kind of stumbled upon Kno2.

At the time Kno2 wasn’t hiring, but I continued to pester Lisa asking if there was any availability for jobs and eventually got an interview with Jon and Therasa and they offered me a job and I’ve really enjoyed working here the last four years!

What’s an interesting talent your colleagues might not know about you?

I’m a decent baker! My favorite thing to make is croissants.

Dream travel destination?

I want to go to South Africa and go on safari and hang out on the beaches there!

What’s your favorite movie?

Elf! I just rewatched it the other day because it’s Christmas time and I love that movie, I was cracking up.

If you were a house, what kind of house would you be?

I would be a craftsman cottage nestled in the mountains.

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