Meet Collin Rehnblom, our Senior Manager of API Programs at Kno2! Collin ensures the integration process for our partners to our Communication API is not only seamless, but also meaningful for our partners’ unique organizational needs. We’re thankful to have Collin as a valued member of the Kno2 team!

What do you do at Kno2?

As the Senior Manager of API Programs, I help our partners integrate to our Communication API in a way that is effective and meaningful for their organizations. There’s a lot of flexibility with the Communication API, it can go a number of ways through different integrations and channels. My role is really taking the handoff from our business development team and overseeing the partnership, so our partners are getting what they need from a technical, documentation, and setup perspective. My goal is to make sure they have what they need to go to that next phase and hopefully integrate our Communication API in a meaningful and positive manner.

What’s your ‘why’ for working in healthcare technology?

I actually had the pleasure of working with Kno2 many years ago on the other side of the network where I was a vendor selling to and supporting Kno2. I got the pleasure of meeting several of the longtime Kno2 resources and got to know the team quite well. They were always great to work with, very responsive and always thinking outside the box, often challenging the status quo on how we did business. It was a great organization to work. Several years later, I had the opportunity to interact with leadership and the Kno2 team once again. I found out, through happenstance, that there was a position that aligned quite well with some other work that I had done previously so it all fell together!

What’s your all-time favorite movie?

I’ll probably date myself here, but Anchorman. Just a classic, a lot of one-liners.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and what’s the first thing you would do when you arrived?

I’ve never made it to southeast Asia. I’ve always thought that would be an intriguing place to go. Maybe Thailand or the Philippines. The first thing I would do is gravitate toward the beaches and try to relax a little bit!

What’s one of your favorite hobbies?

Fishing in the summer! We have a really great selection of lakes and rivers to choose from. Otherwise, I enjoy working on things with my hands. When you’re at the keyboard all day or sending emails it’s just great to break up the routine and do something in the garage or projects around the house.

What is the most unique or unusual job you’ve ever had?

I used to push shopping carts in the parking lot… that was before the days when the automated cart pushers came out. I remember the day when I got my first paycheck and went home to open it and then I saw what taxes were like, which was a really fun kind of revelation at the same time.

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