Kno2 Achieves HITRUST Certification

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Plug‘N Play EHR Integration

Kno2 allows you to easily connect and facilitate seamless exchange and communication between your EHR, internal office applications and the external provider community. Our workflow-first approach uses a plug-and-play implementation method, allowing you to complete an EHR integration for exchange workflows in hours and days, not weeks and months.

Connectivity with Simplicity

EHR integrations are quickly accessible through Kno2’s Communication API or through our online web portal called Kno2fy®.

Kno2 Communication API

Intuitive REST-based communication API enables you to rapidly connect your technology to the healthcare ecosystem for meaningful communication and exchange across every healthcare setting.

Kno2fy Portal

Intuitive software to enable your organization to access and share patient information with virtually any provider, patient or organization nationally, regionally or within your local area no matter what EHR or clinical system or method of communication they prefer.

Broad EHR Platform Support

Whether an EHR integrates to our Kno2 Communication API, we integrate to their APIs, or we use standards-based connection options including FHIR and Direct Secure Messaging with no integration -seamless communication is achieved across the healthcare ecosystem.

Key Features

Point-and-click connection

Once Kno2 has completed integration with an EHRs APIs, the connection and setup is all point and click and does not require technical resources, time or expense.

Always up-to-date information in EHR

Clinical information received is quickly assigned back to the correct area of their patient record, including to the correct visit and order, along with provider task for review, if necessary.

Connect your office applications/solutions to your EHR

Drive efficiency and streamline workflows in your office and quickly connect internal solutions such as DocuSign, Xerox or Konica Minolta devices and others to your EHR

Automated indexing

Identify, classify, and map patient and document records to automatically populate the correct areas of a patient’s chart.

EHR connection via API

Connect quickly to the Kno2 ecosystem of integrated EHRs by leveraging our Capabilities API endpoint. Avoid the heavy lift of individual integrations.