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Less Time on Manual Paperwork and More Time with Residents in Skilled Nursing

How HQMG Improved Efficiency with Digital Intake, Fax and eSignature Workflows

Create a digital solution for intake paperwork that would satisfy all of HQMG’s facilities’ needs.

Skilled Nursing
Arizona & California
Cloud Faxing

Reduction of time for patient admission paperwork from 30 minutes to 5 minutes & savings of $700/month by eliminating paper and printer use.

Plaza Healthcare, Sunnyside Nursing and Post-Acute Care and Topanga Terrace Rehabilitation and Subacute are a group of patient-forward healthcare facilities specializing in skilled nursing for after-hospital care and assisted living operating under the Health Quality Management Group (HQMG). Managing over 500 beds combined, they each boast a complete and unrelenting commitment to exceptional care with a warm, nurturing environment for patients.

The Challenge

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, healthcare organizations saw a drastic decline in in-person visits and interactions. As a result, HQMG was compelled to search for a digital solution for intake paperwork that would satisfy all their facilities’ needs. As many as 30 pages per resident had to be mailed to individuals, signed and mailed back. This was not only inefficient and expensive, it caused an unacceptable lag in the compliance timeframe of when signed documents were due to be input to charts.

Each admission packet required a staff member to:

  • Print all the forms necessary
  • Fill out patient information on each form manually
  • Flag each document for signature
  • Scan each document
  • File each document to the correct resident chart

The Solution

After searching the market and evaluating other software options, HQMG chose Kno2 because they offered a single solution that transformed disparate processes, such as stand-alone fax machines and eSignature workflows into centralized and streamlined communications, customized to their organization. The Kno2 team was accessible and ready to meet the needs of each facility, both during initial setup and after it was rolled out to each facility.

“With Kno2, we really worked together to build what worked best for our facility. That was huge! We’ve never seen that in any vendor. Our goal was their main focus in making it really work for us as efficiently as possible.”  – Jacklin Lewis, Chief Information Officer | HQMG

HQMG - Kno2 Connectivity

The Results

By implementing these automated workflows with Kno2, HQMG staff got back valuable minutes that were reallocated to increase meaningful time with patients. Following the initial setup and a brief 30-minute onboarding session, the following benefits were achieved for Plaza, Sunnyside and Topanga:

  • Reduction of preparation and audit time for patient admission paperwork from 30 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Saved an average of $700/month by eliminating paper and printer use
  • Reduced stress on families with easy access to paperwork from the comfort of home
  • Provided dignity to residents with limited mobility by enabling them to sign documents electronically, even without their full range of motion
  • Improved compliance by consolidating paper and digital records so the complete record is visible to all providers who work with the resident
  • Reduced stress for staff by eliminating labor intensive, manual intake processes

Previously, doctors were traveling to the facility to get a complete view of the patient record because so much information was still in paper form. With the Kno2 solution, everything is available in the digital file and doctors can easily view the information from anywhere -- sometimes before the resident is in the building. Medications and the course of treatment can be verified in a timely manner.

Jacklin Lewis

Chief Information Officer | HQMG

One side effect of the pandemic was a more stringent process for visitors to medical facilities. This critical activity required more oversight to keep patients, loved ones and staff safe during visits, an important process that has proven to reduce anxiety and improve recovery times.

“Kno2 has been a blessing! Why did we wait so long? This is making life easier.” Haley Nelson, Guest Relations | Plaza Healthcare

Expanding the Solution

HQMG is anxious to expand their work with Kno2 to improve their communication and patient intake processes today and into the future. The company is planning to expand the Kno2 solution to their Los Angeles County and Oregon locations.