Kno2’s Pursuit for QHIN Designation

James Kjellman

Director of Partner Marketing

James Kjellman is the Director of Partner Marketing at Kno2. He is responsible for delivering marketing programs that enable partners to grow through their use of Kno2-integrated technology and driving the brand positioning and product messaging of Kno2 through the channel/partner ecosystem. Among other marketing functions, James focuses on go-to-market strategy, joint marketing, marketing events, partner acquisition and content creation. He works closely across product, business development, sales, marketing and partner solutions to drive growth and success for Kno2 and its partners.

Prior to Kno2, James spent more than ten years in marketing positions for various companies in healthcare technology, financial services and sports media. He has participated in numerous healthcare IT non-profit and trade organizations over the years and held positions on the board of trustees for the Central & North Florida Chapter of HIMSS for two terms.