Record requests and fulfillment

Take control. Start requesting and receiving patient information electronically.

Request patient information in minutes, with a single form

With Kno2, request patient information electronically with a simple form. Eliminate costly follow ups. Get the information you need quickly. Simply select the organization you are requesting records from, define patient details and request options, attach any needed consent forms and send. That's it. Requests are fulfilled quickly and securely via Direct message.

A Direct line to better care

Fast, accurate exchange of patient information is essential to better care coordination. With Kno2, exchange is as quick as sending an email — no more waiting for slow fax queues. Providers request records electronically via Direct message, the receiver simply replies by attaching the records and clicking send. Exchange is fast, records are accurate and complete.

Stat patients can be prioritized to ensure timely delivery of vital health information.

Access to the national Direct address book

Connect electronically with over 900,000 healthcare professionals in your area and nationwide with access to the Surescript's Direct address book. Connecting is as simple as entering a name or searching by area.

Real-time tracking

From a single dashboard, providers can track in real-time which requests were sent, delivered or failed. No more duplicate faxes or guessing if a request made it to the receiver. Kno2 provides a complete audit trail from the initial request through fulfillment. This means more efficient communication and compliance with medical reporting standards.

Secure from start to finish

The exchange of patient information is secure from request through fulfillment.

  • Encrypted and HIPAA compliant
  • Satisfies Meaningful Use standards
  • Level of Assurance 3 (LOA3) identity verified

Take control of fulfillment

Tired of receiving requests from different sources, in varied formats? Easily launch a publicly accessible form and start receiving all record requests electronically. Collect requested files and release via Direct message or fax. You manage the entire fulfillment process from one place.

Request smart with Kno2