Bringing Interoperability to Microsoft Teams

The combination of Kno2 and Microsoft Teams gives providers a robust collaboration platform that combines workspace chat, voice, video on demand, real-time patient records and a network of healthcare subscribers.

A care team can review a patient’s condition, discuss the care plan real-time while simultaneously having visibility to the patient’s longitudinal records being housed across multiple EHRs.

Receive Patient Records

Kno2 makes it possible to receive patient information, in and outside the four walls of a health system, using any mobile or computing platform to access Teams.

Find Patient Information

Kno2 connectivity enables care teams to search for patient records on demand from an outside facility or from a zip code or health referral region.

Easily View Patient Information

Critical information such as current medications, the problem list, recent procedures, allergies and more are presented in a friendly fashion, reducing the administrative burden so prevalent today.

Send Patient Information

With Kno2, a provider can package and send patient records, such as notes and images captured during the collaboration, back to the EHR(s) of the care team involved.

Care happens with people. Better care is made possible when human interaction is combined with real-time access to patient data. 

See interoperability working inside of Microsoft Teams

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