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When EMS agencies transport patients to your ED, accurate pre-hospital information needs to flow seamlessly. Your ED staff needs to know about anything that would affect clinical decision-making, including first impressions, vitals, protocols, and medications administered.

ePCRs delivered to your EHR using existing functionality

It’s now simple for ePCRs to securely flow into patient charts. It doesn’t have to take months or years and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In fact, you already have the functionality in your EHR. All you have to do is configure your EHR based on your preferred workflows.

Connectivity with simplicity

Kno2 Connected EMS agencies now have the same connectivity to standards-based Direct Secure Messaging already present within your EHR. Alternatively, with the Kno2 Hyland Connector, ePCRs can flow directly into your Hyland OnBase eDMS. Eliminate the need for printing, scanning, and uploading paper-based PCRs.

When documents and data flow seamlessly, you get:

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