Connecting provider-to-provider workflows across healthcare

Kno2 Docusign® Send and Sign Coming Soon

We’re coming to solve one of healthcare’s biggest problems: provider-to-provider signing management and workflows

Reimagine your provider-to-provider signing workflows by seamlessly integrating with the Kno2 API. 

As an EHR or healthcare platform, experience industry-leading e-signing workflows, powered by DocuSign, to request and effortlessly save care plan signatures or any patient document directly to the patient record. 

As a rendering or referring provider, request provider signatures on patient documents directly without templates or new workflows.

Revolutionize provider signatures

Elevate your provider-to-provider signature experience with the Kno2 API! 
Seamlessly integrate through a single connection to unlock dynamic signature workflows on any patient document. 
With Kno2 DocuSign Send and Sign, providers using integrated EHRs and healthcare platforms can effortlessly request signatures, using the industry leading DocuSign eSignature platform.
Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading and uploading signed documents – our solution automatically delivers them directly into referring and rendering provider EHRs, ensuring comprehensive and streamlined patient recordkeeping. Embrace simplicity and efficiency for a seamless healthcare collaboration! 

Connectivity with simplicity

Unlock paralleled connectivity for seamless end-to-end document signature workflows between rendering and referring providers. This streamlined integration enhances collaboration in healthcare workflows, providing an effortless solution for dynamic provider-to-provider signing on any patient document.

How it Works

Simple integrated provider-to-provider workflows ​with a familiar DocuSign signing workflow

Find out how easy greater efficiency and higher-quality patient care can be.

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